01/12/2012 Paleo Meals Day 6

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  1. Dammit- I yet again am unable to post on your DAY 6 commentary, so I’m posting here!
    Remember this, for years and years and years you have eaten stuff that is riddled with sugar or stuff that turns into sugar the minute you ingest it. Stuff you wouldn’t even think has sugar in it, like certain types of mustard, ketchup, store bought pesto sauce, certain seasonings, vitamins, sauces, packaged foods (like processed turkey), rotissery chickens, etc etc etc. Read the labels and you’ll see they put high fructose corn syrup in EVERYTHING. Not to mention they put things in the food that have fancy names, usually ending in some sort of “ose”, but really it’s just processed versions of sugar. Bryan and I often talk about this and believe that one day they will come out with a study that proves that shit (i.e HFCS) is addictive like nicotine. Hence why when you eat something that has it in it and YOU CAN’T STOP. It’s like crack that they’ve slipped into your food and you don’t even know it. That shit will KILL you!
    OK- so now that you remember that, remember this: You are on your SUGAR CRASH right now. That’s right, 32 years of ingesting sugar and now you have removed it, so your crashing! It’s NORMAL!!! Think about when you have a bowl of ice cream. You might get really hyper about 20 minutes after you eat it, but about an hour later, you just want to go to sleep. Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner is another good exampe, most of the food, if you don’t eat paleo is riddled with sugar. What do most people want to do after about an hour of eating it? Sleep.
    With that said, I am not at all surprised that you are extremely lethargic and feeling somewhat weak right now. Remember what I said before, it’s going to be that way for several weeks as your body adjusts to buring that fat for fuel instead of the sugar. Also, your workouts will probably suffer a little bit too! FORGE past this!!!! I’m telling you, you’ll notice that, with time, your workouts will improve as will your energy levels. All the while you’ll be dropping fat as fast as a little Timmy runs in the candy store! It’s worth it to stick with it!Stick with it through the challenge, stay strick, and I promise you, you’ll see results!
    In fact, you already have- 7 pounds in 1 week!! That’s incredible!

  2. @Chesley Thanks, It’s a small hiccup, but I can deal with it, that’s what caffeines for right? I’m down another 2 this morning, so yes the fucking scale is moving…finally.

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