01/16/2012 Paleo Meals Day 10

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  1. Lou-
    Random question? Do you use a food scale to get your measurements? If so, do you recommend a certain type to get? I’m curious to see just how much food I am consuming in a given setting to see if I am eating too much or not enough. As a result, I have been toying with the idea of getting one.

  2. Chesley,
    Unless you are deciding to become either Asian, or Super Anal Retentive I don’t think you need a food scale. I, on the other hand am trying to learn how much to eat.
    If you want to know, I’ll post the brand that I use here when I get home.

  3. Well- I don’t think I can become Asian (although we do have some Asian in our family tree) and I’m already anal retentive about enough stuff so this definitely wouldn’t be a regular thing. I’m just curious as to how much I actually am eating (mostly in terms of protein). Given my strict paleo that led me to lose way too much weight and thus having to adjust my diet to put some pounds back on (which I successfuly have), I’m just curious what exactly I am eating. So long answer is, yes, please still provide the name for me 🙂 ~ Muchas Gracias (No I don’t want to be mexican, spanish, latino, and/or hispanic either).

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