01/29/2012 Paleo Challenge Day 23, Monday Morning Weigh-in

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  1. oh yeah, and I about fell out of my chair reading this post…only you could compare salt with fellatio! LMFAO. Glad I live in SC where there is no salt so I don’t have to make that choice! 😉

  2. You are eating mostly fat for breakfast and not a significant amount of protein. 4 eggs will give you almost 20grams of fat and 15 for an ounce of pork belly. Pork belly barely has 3 grams of protein per ounce. Drop the pork belly, keep the eggs and add a better source of protein.

  3. Louis –
    Your weight will fluctuate, don’t stress about it. You really do look a lot thinner. So don’t worry about a few fluctuations on the scale. I know it’s f-ing frustrating, I am in the same boat, teetering on the 230’s and it’s driving me nuts.
    maybe you should just quit the paleo challenge…. If it’s causing this much stress you should just stop, get a loaf of bread, chow down and get on the eliptical machine? Sounds like a great plan to me.

  4. his nutrition does not need to change, it’s not the reason his weight is fluctuating. His weight is fluctuating due to elevated cortisol levels. Stressing out too much about his weight (weighing himself every day) and about work. I’m not a small business owner, so I have no right to make this statement, but things could be worse, you need to put things in perspective and enjoy life more.

  5. eventually he will listen and stop weighing himself and see the light. Kind of like he what he did with:
    1) calories in calories out
    2) diet which he thought was good (dextrose pills)
    3) rowing
    4) cardio
    5) weight lifting shoes
    6) shady having a god damn clue

  6. Chad,
    I think I’ll go get a cupcake tonight, and burn 1600 calories in an hour on the elliptical, but I’ll only do that after you intravenously inject some gluten…the Challenge is not going to end well for you…

  7. Louis, my first time posting on your blog, but I can’t pass this one up. I know you must get frustrated, but I have to tell you how much I respect your all-out effort and amazing attitude when you are in the gym. You motivate me to work harder because you never fucking quit. The work you have done to develop your lifting form is paying off, and the results you are having go so far beyond your weight. Listen to the people who say stop weighing yourself, at least until the end of the challenge – definitely don’t do it every day, too many things can cause fluctuations. And finally, please believe me that you are having an impact on the people around you. Keep on keeping on, brother.

  8. John,
    Thanks for the comments. Your awesome to workout with, and you my friend are also a motivator. Way to approach the work methodically and with tenancity.
    …end ass kissing here…

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