01/31/2012 Paleo Challenge Day 25

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  1. if there is one thing that’s going to prevent your success in your weight loss, it’s your head. Not paleo, not crossfit, not weightlifting, not sleep, not stress, not genetics, not friends, not family.
    it’s your big dumb head.

  2. I love that you are honest about where your head is at that day. When I am hating myself for sucking at the gym – I just remember that it’s part of the process. That I am stronger than I was 2.5 years ago and doing things with my body I couldn’t even conceive of. Heck – I’m lifting more weight as a 41-year old desk jockey than I did as a stagehand in my 20s.
    Thinking of the setbacks as “solidifying my gains” has helped me get out of bed and hit the gym recently. Of course, some days I’m more successful at psyching myself up than others 🙂
    See you at Patriot.

  3. Lou-
    Apparently my first post didn’t go through, I love my computer. You have 32 years of formulating one lifestyle. Changing that lifestyle doesn’t happen in 6 weeks. It takes time. You have started the change and now you are in the stage of making that lifestyle change habitual and second nature. So now you need to change the way you think. You have the choice to be happy with the skin you are in or to be angry with the skin you are in. It’s up to you to train yourself to think differently. We are all our own worst critics. We all have something we want to improve upon or change about our appearence. I think as we get older we learn to love ourselves and the skin we are in.
    We all see changes in you and I think you do too. Dig deep and start telling yourself positive things. Focus on the positives that are coming out of your experiences: lifiting heavy, looser fitting clothes, rx’ing wods, faster runs, etc etc. Stop focusing on the negative and stop focusing on the number on the scale. In fact, as shady said, stay off the scale. It’s just a number and seriously what does that number mean? For my height and gender I should probably be 120 pounds. Well, 120 pounds on my frame makes me look emaciated and sick. So this number you have in your head might not actually be healthy for your frame. Remember that. Go with how you overall feel, the improvement in your workouts, how your clothes are fitting, if you are seeing more definition in the mirror, what others around you are telling you what they see (as it’s all positive), and hell maybe even go take a blood test to get your actual numbers and then take another one a few months from now and I bet you’ll be shocked at how the numbers will improve.
    With that said, remember that when you start paleo you energy levels will drop and your workouts will most likely suffer. Your body is adjusting. Forge through. I promise you your energy levels will return! You’ve already noted yourself the difference that you are seeing in your strength. Endurance will come. Give it time. You are replacing fat with muscle. It’s a good thing. Work on your head, work on focusing on the positives, and lean on your friends and family for the support you need. After all, we are all here to kick your ass and make you get back up when all you want to do is sit down!

  4. +1 to all that’s already been said today.
    it sounds cheesy but we want our clients to be healthy for life, not for a five-week challenge. we’re all working toward a healthy long-term balance of clean eating, working out, and being happy.
    when i saw you last night at MWB i couldn’t believe how lean you looked! i know the frustration is there, but you just have to keep moving forward.

  5. Chez,
    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate how you approach things in the gym, and enjoy your early morning Zeal.
    The type of change you are taking about with a mindset is one that will take far longer than the amount of time I need to get to into my ideal body.
    I told someone the other day I go at the workouts with such intensity because I’m scared. I’m scared of being obese, again and scared of losing what I’ve gained…I guess this fear is partially what drives me, but there are for sure at times it cripples my ability to act.
    If I could graph my patience against how long it takes to actually get to something there would surely be an inverse relationship. I am trying, and appreciate your encouragement.

  6. Alison,
    Thanks! I have chosen the CrossFit route because I am looking at sustainability, and probably gravitate towards PCF because it’s intense but not fanatical.
    6 Months ago I would have probably preferred a place more fanatical, so that’s progress.
    You can whistle at me anytime.

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