02/11/2012 Paleo Challenge Finale, Final Challenge Weigh In, and Future Plans

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  1. 1) I honestly think the results and progress you made are fantastic. No bullshit.
    2) I don’t care if Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain or even your idol Ted Kennedy prescribed that meal. You’re going to starve on that diet. I could eat 30 lbs of shrimp before getting full. You need real animal meat that has lots of fat. It’s the only way to prevent you from being hungry.
    3) “If I only focus on CrossFit then all I’m doing is getting better at CrossFit” – Clearly you’re an idiot. CrossFit preaches that the goal of CrossFit is to make you fit for life. You don’t just “get good at CrossFit”. It enables you to be fitter thru other aspects of your life, like working your ass off when the car wash gets busy, helping a friend move, climbing damn stairs. I’m all for you taking other classes, I actually encourage it. We have a number of members that do CrossFit and BJJ or some type of martial arts. But don’t confuse the goal of CrossFit. It’s to become FIT…..not become good at CrossFit.

  2. 257! Yeah boy!
    grunt grunt grunt. yep, I do it too. Had an awesome leg workout today. I have not been paying attention to how much weight or how many reps I am doing (that is why I pay Joe) but today the weights just seemed heavier so I asked Joe if I had done that weight before. His response, “No, but in my mind you had.” Glad he has a vision. I just love feeling stronger!!
    I will be in Baltimore and free the evenings of March 21 and 22. Let me know if you are free. My treat this time!
    Feel better soon

  3. Great job Lou!! I think I said you’d lose close to 20 lbs. I was damn near right! How about ‘dem apples?
    We’ve missed you in the AMs. Come back please!

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