04/20/2011 Day 10 After Biggest Loser Malibu

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  1. Thanks for continuing to post the videos. I am going to have to try those Bosu Up Downs. Did you watch BL a couple weeks ago when Jillian had them doing crab walk down the stairs head first. KILLER.

  2. “The moments when you no longer want to go on, and your body is tired, and the time that you want to give up, are the game changing moments. It’s in these moments we find ourselves, and realize the strength that we hold within our spirit.”–YOU
    You said it YOURSELF!!! If I could sum up what my motivation for working…it’s this!!! You are going to do awesome Lou!! Everyday is going be great and crappy because working out hurts, but working out is the best thing ANYONE could do…you know that!
    Great job!
    Megan R.

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