05/16/2011 Eh,…

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  1. Hey Louis
    You are worrying me a little bit – Keep the faith brother.
    I do have a thought for you though:
    Don’t take the whole week off – just ease up a bit and let your body recover. Every workout does not have to be totally anaerobic or a new personal best. Do some lighter aerobic work and let your body recover instead of taking a full week. For example: Ease up on the PT for the week but increase your walking. Ease up on the mountain cardio workouts and hit a treadmill at a “moderate” pace and hold that pace for 30 or 40 minutes, or do the same thing with some moderate intervals.
    I think a week of moderate workouts will let your body recover nicely and prep you for some heavier workouts next week. Your body might even relax and let go of a couple of pounds when it realizes that you aren’t in an all out cage-match to the death. ( I think that this was actually the point of some of the lighter pool workouts and such at the Ridge – keeps you moving and is better than a full binary on-off).
    Anyways – keep the faith – you are doing fantastic!!!

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