06/08/2011 Middle of the Week and I am feeling Strong

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  1. Louis!!!
    I have missed you! I’ve read your last few posts with great interest. Like I am catching up with an old friend.
    I do Wall Balls with my trainer all the time. I belong to the Sports Club LA Upper East in Manhattan. Unecessarily swanky. But they think I still work for the bank that financed them, so I get a big discount.
    I tell my trainer that my Wall Ball is leaving marks on the swanky wall. She says “Fuck the man.”
    You sound so well. And 70 lbs is so incredible. I hope you are proud of your accomplishments. You continue to be my inspiration.

  2. Steph,
    Thanks for the mojo! How are you doing? I know you have the same drive I do, so I’m sure you are still working hard to kick butt.
    I don’t mind a little swank at a gym, it normally means they have better gear.
    Thanks again!

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