06/12/2011 FUCK!

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  1. Fuck Fuck Fuck, Shit, Shit, Shit
    Empathize with your frustration.
    That’s it, no words of encouragement, no “oh Lou, it will get better”…just…
    Fuck Fuck Fuck, Shit, Shit, Shit!!!

  2. Hey man – I hear you too!
    I am stuck at 233 AGAIN after a brief kiss of 229. No self pity though – I am attacking it this week with EXTREME VIOLENCE!!! ( so there may be self pity next week if this does not work)
    Stay with the plan Lou. You will get there !!!

  3. Yes. Decades actually – but it feels like I have been stuck here for a while.
    You must mean when we realized the next 15 was going to be tougher than the first – I am in that mood too! I think we just gotta stay with it and it will happen 🙂

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