06/13/2011 Starting the new week

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  1. WTF happened with Ali? On a related note, I am perhaps a little too deeply invested in the routine drama of your daily life.

  2. I laughed at your rant on the guy that wrote the book after losing 40 pounds. While I am proud of my 40 pound weight loss I am surely not ready to write my own book yet! Will sure be happier to announce when I reach the 75 pound goal. Funny thing is, that while I was clinically obese, I never thought of myself that way. Fat? Yes, Obese? NO, not me. Denial perhaps but could always compare myself to others that were more super size. Perhaps Mr. Siebold (the author) pictured himself more obese than the rest of us and then had the balls to write about it and market the hell out of it to cash in. If it bitch slaps someone into making a U-turn in their life and leads them back to a healthy lifestyle, it’s a good thing.

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