06/17/2011 250 The New 300?

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how the food has changed. I admit I stopped at McDs and got two McDoubles when I was traveling. I was starving and had 5 hours on the road and of course started late so just needed something to get me over the hump. In the past, this was a common stop for me, adding in a large sweet tea to get me buzzed for the roadtrip. I switched it up and got an UNsweet tea this time. The burgers (if they qualify to be called that) were like painting my mouth and throat with grease. REALLY? I ate these all the time before. YUCK. And then to find out that each burger has 390 calories and 920 mg of sodium. And I ate two of them! This was my “snack”. *head bang against wall*

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