06/30/2011 Changing Attitude Towards the Scale

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    I have to disagree with several points.
    1) “Deb” looks like a caricature both before and after IMO despite her new six pack abs.
    2) Imagine what you would need to do to hold 295 lbs and be all muscle? What would you have to eat? How would your diabetes be? What about your blood pressure? I would argue that if you converted to all muscle and held 295 your risk of dying from a heart attack would be unchanged or probably higher (because of the diet that it would take and the massive resulting high blood pressure).
    3) Weight does matter on a relative basis. I look at it very simply. In simplest terms, the body’s critical systems are two large pumping systems – a huge blood pump and a huge air pump. These systems are critical to all other systems of the body. The more mass, the harder these systems have to work. The more out of shape, the less efficient these systems become – again increasing their work load. Dropping weight through a high dose of cardio does two things – it improves efficiency of these two pumping systems while also dropping mass – a double benefit in terms of reducing the loading on the pumps.
    4) I disagree with your point that doing a lot of cardio makes you feel exhausted all the time. As the weight drops and cardiovascular efficiency increases then by definition you can do more work while expending less energy.
    5) It is a fallacy that you do not build lean muscle mass while doing cardiovascular exercise such as running, hiking, cycling, especially when it is high intensity and with resistance. This should be obvious after our time at Fitness Ridge.
    6) Expanding on 3. I personally believe that the motion associated with the cardio helps detoxify critical organs and re-align and re-lubricate critical joints and muscles. As you know I believe in a heavy dose of stretching and yoga for the same reasons.
    That is my rant. Oh, I will be posting some more trash talk rebuttal a little later.

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