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  1. Hi Louis! Found your blog a few months ago and have been reading ever since. I went to FR Utah in Dec for 2 weeks and am going back again July 17th for two more. Live in Lorton and work in Crystal City for the govt. About ready to retire so trying to get in shape to do what I want finally! Down about 60 since starting last Sept, had a major knee setback in March which has cramped my cardio workouts. You are an inspiration! Kathy

  2. Kathy,
    Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting. Are you going back to Utah or going to Malibu?
    I am very happy to hear about your 60 lbs of weight loss. I’m sure you will be back into the swing of things. How much better will retirement be now that you are 60 lbs healthier?

  3. Lou,
    Back to Utah, probably crazy to go to the desert in July. Plan to do a lot of pool classes and hope my knee makes it thru. Ortho dr. is telling me a knee replacement is in my future due to bad arthritis which was made worse by the excess baggage i’ve been carrying around for years. How is your mom’s recovery from hers? Have heard horror stories, not sure I want to go there. Still have another 50 at least to go.

  4. Kathy,
    I was thinking about doing Utah, because I hear the facilities are better and that the hikes are awesome.
    My mom is up and going she recovered much faster this year. She only had a partial replacement.
    Where do you live? The Anderson Orthopedic Clinic in Alexandria, VA is world known for it’s joint replacement surgeries. Maybe they have a surgeon in your area that fellow-ed at AOC.
    If you do have the surgery make sure, you push the phsycial therapy early on, it will pay huge dividends later, also when they tell you take the pain pills before you do the work make sure you do, it will help with your range of motion.
    Anyone who has had a hard time with recovery always says later they didn’t do enough physical therapy. My brother has friend whose father didn’t want to endure the pain, and now his replaced joint is as stiff as a board.
    Good luck, thanks again for asking about my mother, and being a reader. People like you help push me through the tough times.

  5. Lou,
    The hikes in Utah ARE amazing! Just found out Sione Fa will be there on the 17th to go thru the program for a week, then will be a trainer. Looking forward to meeting him. They also just built a new gym that should be ready in a few weeks.
    Thanks for the info on the surgery. I live in Lorton, will check it out.
    I go to Gold’s Gym in Lorton and have a trainer, but Ortho doc recommended I try Pilates, so I did and it’s been a real help with the knee. . . along with the cortisone shot I had last week!

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