07/21/2011 End of Week and End of Week

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  1. So, one surefire way to get me to watch a video is to reference involuntary vocal outbursts.
    On the cutting the personal training staff cord front, can you start doing group classes at a gym you are a member of? I know there are some pretty effing hardcore crossfit gyms you could do classes at every day for a fixed cost of ~$200 a month or less.

  2. Totally agree with you on dialing down the volume, it’s too much and not sustainable. Not to mention, that is most definitely preventing you from reaching your goal weight.
    You hit the nail on the head with nutrition though, you can’t OUT TRAIN a solid diet so it’s good you know that is integral to your success.
    Keep pushing yourself and maintaining intensity, that’s when you see the change that you’re after.
    Your comments are hilarious and congrats on the squats.

  3. Hey Lou
    You look great and your staff is doing a great job. It may not be sustainable, but you are not in maintenance mode yet either. I say keep your staff as long as you can afford (time, money, etc.) them and stay on track for 250. Do you still need them? Maybe not. But if you can afford them, and it is working for you, why change it up? Don’t let the “guilt of success” play with your mind here – if it ain’t broke, don’t screw with it IMO

  4. Lou,
    Since you asked for opinions, here’s my take…
    Keep up the pace you are on. As KM stated, you are not in maintenance mode yet. Can you maintain the intensity if you do a workout without your “staff”? If not, don’t cut the strings yet.
    There is a balance with personal life but why not merge the two? Go hiking with friends that will make it a challenge or find another calorie-burning activity you enjoy and ask friends to join you. If your friends aren’t on the same schedule or aren’t interested, try a Meet-Up group. The group classes are also an option and could lead to some social networking.
    Keep rockin’ it!
    Sherri U

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