07/24/2011 Official Weigh In

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  1. I know it’s easiest and the standard to measure changes in body composition via the scale, but the scale does not tell half the picture. You’re doing a lot of weight training these days and you’re definitely getting stronger. Muscle mass adds weight, so although you may have only lost “1” lb, you very easily could have lost 5lbs of fat, but replaced that with 4 lbs of muscle.
    Scale’s can be bad in that they mess with you mentally and send you mixed signals. You can continue to use a scale, but the best judge of body composition change is an outfit. Try on an outfit that fits a little tight and remember how it fits. Next time you check your weight, try on the outfit. If it fits a little better than who cares what the scale says!
    Keep up the work and don’t overtrain!

  2. what Ryan said…although I will take the win this week!!! I was 165 BTW.
    Can really tell a difference in your body. Getting the “dimples” in your waist area. Keep rockin’ it!

  3. Ryan,
    Isn’t the term over train subjective to each person?
    I care what the scale says because I am a fat guy still, if I was at a body weight which was acceptable to me I would not be concerned at all…
    Thanks for reading, I’ll keep pushing it.

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