07/26/2011 Daily Recap

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  1. 9.0!!! Rock it baby!
    Liked the video but I’m not cocky enough to say I can win this week. Travel and having the kid is challenging but she did do yoga yesterday and hiked 5.5 miles with me today plus I did some ab work in the park while she was playing in the lake. We’ll have to see what happens on Sunday.

  2. As a matter of fact, I am going down!! I know I shouldn’t weigh in mid-week but I couldn’t help myself. Turns out having the munchkin with me is helping me keep the food in check since I am trying to set a good example.
    She asked me at dinner tonight how many ounces was in her glass of grape juice so she could figure out how many calories was in a serving. I don’t want her to have a bad attitude with food so just keeping the options healthy and she eats until she is full. Think young kids are better at closing their mouths when they feel full and she eats so slowly! Makes me realize how fast I can stuff my face.

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