07/29/2011 Daily Recap

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  1. TRX is awesome, I’ve never taken a whole class but have worked with it. It’s great because you can adjust the tension or load by the angle at which you are leaning. The deeper the angle the heavier the load on the muscles being worked.
    The other thing that’s great is you can transition between exercises quickly, without having to stop to pick up weights so I’m sure in a class environment you will get your heart rate up into anaerobic levels.
    I believe the TRX has helped me build depth in my squat, and proper positioning in my push-ups. You know how on every exercise there’s that one sticking point which prevents you from doing more reps the TRX is awesome to help build strength in that sticking point.
    I think you will enjoy it and find it challenging. It’s also unique which helps keep things interesting, then again I’m sure that all depends on the instructor.

  2. Had my first class on yesterday morning, and at the end I thought “eh, good workout, nice blend of cardio and strength training, but it could have been more intense”. Then, this morning, I woke up to arms so sore that I can’t fully extend them without my biceps screaming. So, yeah, I did more work than I thought. It was a good, efficient total-body workout, the instructor set a solid pace and there were only thee people in the class, so he kept everybody on point, form-wise. Wednesday morning is round two!

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