08/14/2011 Official Weigh In

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  1. Not sure you’ll have time, but you can “drop-in” to other CrossFit gyms. Chance’s are there will be one near where you’re headed in NC. Just drop them a line and tell them you’re an athlete at Potomac and they’ll welcome you with open arms. Definitely a fun thing to drop-in, meet new people, experience new gyms with different trainers/workouts!

  2. Ryan,
    That’s a good suggestion. I’ve been doing the PCF WoD’s when I’m away. Crossfit I’m realizing is like most businesses only a small percentage of them truly get it and excel, and the vast majority of them suck ass. I’m trying to find one in the Outer Banks but we are staying near Hatteras which is almost at the southern most tip of the Outer Banks.

  3. Re-counting previously lost weight is lame – I dont think that should count as a win, especially since there is no penalty for gaining weight.

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