08/29/2011 Daily Recap, Responding to a Comment

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  1. Thanks for responding to my comment. Although I am a CrossFit trainer, I do not believe CrossFit is the end all, be all and I did not communicate that well in my comment yesterday. I’m not saying you have to ONLY do CrossFit. I was simply stating, you have not tested CrossFit and CrossFit only to see if it actually works or not. I personally believe that the extra work you’re doing in the evening’s is halting fat loss, preventing you from proper rest and recovery and keeping you from your goals. But I’m just a CrossFit trainer so clearly I’m biased.
    I agree with you on many points, specifically intensity and how it relates to reaching your goals. Also about nutrition and how it’s about 85% responsible for weight loss/health. I do find it interesting that you understand the idea of increased work capacity and how it aids in weight loss, yet you still believe that steady state, long, slow cardio still provides similar benefits? This is where our schools of thought are different.
    Another point which is not related to nutrition or working out is stress management. This has significant impact on health/body composition, so it would be interested to see how many hours of sleep you’re getting and how you’re managing stress. Being a small business owner, I can only imagine cortisol levels are high and you could probably benefit from some herbal stress response supplements…just a thought 🙂
    I will point out, that I could be absolutely wrong, but in my clinical experience (3+ years of coaching crossfit), I’ve seen the methods work for all populations, regardless of their starting weights.
    Here is a great example of a girl (who I actually interviewed), who lost 124lbs. http://journal.crossfit.com/2011/03/mauraopen.tpl and this is just one example.
    The last thing I want to do is come off as an internet troll, going on a power trip behind the keyboard. I enjoy your blog and our discussions and we can always continue these discussions in person!
    – signed Mr. Shady.

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