08/29/2011 Official Weigh In, Chasing that Bitch Down

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  1. whatever plan you pick, you need to pick one and stick to it for minimum 30 days straight. Whether it’s crossfit, yoga, zumba, pilates or spinning away on the cardio machines, you can’t be sure that something is working/not working if you change multiple variables at a time. You need to identify a variable and change that and keep all others constant, like any good experiment.
    Saying X doesn’t work, when Y and Z we’re also changing makes little to no sense. Correlation is not causation and until you can say, I tried X for this many days and saw no positive change in bio markers of health and fitness (blood work, sleep, look/feel/performance) then you’ll never know.
    You’ve documented your plan on the blog and now it’s on us (readers) to [help] ensure you stick to it.
    Good luck!

  2. Our challenge is what has kept me in check. I am so grateful for you guys keeping in touch. I now love the gym and weight training. It is frustrating starting at such a weak state and feeling like a wimp using 7 lb dumbbells on tri extensions. But I can only get stronger and I am becoming comfortable with my body for the first time in a very long time.
    The yoga is feeding my mind and spirit more than I thought possible. I know I am intense and carry stress with me. At the end of every session, we lie down in savasana and relax. The first few classes I thought I would lose my mind. I was so twitchy, I just wanted to get up and run out. Now I embrace that time to just completely chill out. It is ME time. I deserve it. It is a nice balance to the intensity that I take to the gym.
    When you get in fat guy lazy mode, you know there is always an open door in SC to run to. Come down and go hiking and try yoga at my studio. You already know there is Crossfit here.

  3. Sherri,
    I may take you up on that offer, I’ve never been to SC, and here it can be beautiful. After reading your comment, I think I may look into some yoga classes. Even if it’s one day a week, I think it will add a nice dimension to my work.

  4. September is yoga month. Check out the following weblink and get a free week at your local studio or you can use it at mine if you come down in Sept. I am home Sep 10-17 and would love for you to visit.
    I have taken various yoga classes and it never clicked until I found my current studio and teacher. Be patient when you take classes until you find one you really like.

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