08/30/2011 Daily Recap, Random Thoughts, and WTF?

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  1. ps. this is a recipe for success:
    “I used my Ipad’s clock as my timer, and really pushed myself. I played a mental game of counting reps during my 20 seconds, and focused on trying to match or beat the reps in each cycle of high intensity. I would like to try this workout again at some point after doing a two mile run. ”

  2. Maxinmizing work output over a set amount of time at an increasing level of fatigue is a hallmark of great training!

  3. i like your sports car analogy. The 911 was perfected by countless hours of lapping at the Nurburgring, and metaphorically, that is how you will lose the next 80 lbs.
    I say that as I sit here at my 1988 weight looking forward to skiing and snowboarding, which I have never done at this weight

  4. You know I will say, “Great, let’s go for it!” (which I am BTW), but given recent circumstances I must now add the enthusiasm versus overconfidence disclaimer ;-}

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