09/17/2012 Baton Down the Hatches

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  1. I still would like to see more SPORT SPECIFIC training, rather than just increasing your LSD. I don’t think running extra miles is going to prepare you to hike longer, higher distances, they just don’t seem to correlate. Too many people can run decent 10k’s, but can’t climb 5 flights of stairs without stopping to catch their breathe.
    I agree that you need additional work and that CrossFit alone will not prepare you for mountaineering. But I feel that doing actual MOUNTAINEERING, even in small capacities (like hiking through great falls with a weight vest) will better prepare you, than running longer distances on flat ground or sitting in a studio on a fixed bike while some loud mouth lady with a headset on yells at you.
    The mental toughness built over LSD may or may not be able to be replicated. I know personally, when I ran a marathon on ZERO LSD training, mentally it was tough knowing how much distance I had to run, but I was able to continually tell myself, this is much easier physically, than trying to do 21 unbroken thrusters. While it may not work for everyone, realizing that you’ve pushed yourself much harder and with much more intensity than you’re currently doing when partaking in LSD is sometimes enough to mentally get through something.

  2. Louis – for my endurance I pretty much strap on 40 lbs, get on a treadmill @ 30 degrees, or go up and down stairs at the neighbor hood school for hours on end.
    Think about that bitch of a hike to Muir. 45 minutes on, 15 minutes off. Spending all my gym time on Back/Core/Glutes/Shoulders, and then working via Treadmill/StairClimber/Eliptical for cardio endurance. The best training FOR something is to train as if you were doing it, emulate it as close as you can.
    Grab a heart monitor and keep it aerobic (don’t push too hard into anerobic), for me that is in the 135 – 140 range (resting HR is ~ 50 bpm).
    You may want to grab a book called Climbing:Training for Peak Performance. LOTS of good stuff in there relating to fitness for climbing and mountaineering.
    Also as for Denali let me know when you go, maybe I will join you. Have fun in Mexico with JJ/Dan. I have a trip in the planning for Mt Shasta in April/May 2013 timeframe, and maybe an indy trip up Rainier via DC route in mid to late July 2013.
    Either way keep up the good work, you are doing awesome.
    And remember Mountaineering is not an “easy” goal, it may be one of the most intense endurance sports out there. You need to earn it, you can’t just half ass it. If you half ass it there is a decent chance you won’t make it back.

  3. @Shady, I agree with you about getting out there and doing it more, but you and I both know time is always a factor. I don’t plan on running long distances, perhaps I’ll ride/spin often to supplement everything else.
    I actually took Satruday off, after a few weeks of trying to go 6 days straight of working out…I woke Saturday and felt like ass and decided a two day vacation is what I needed. It helped, a year ago I would have gotten up done CFE in the morning, and then a WoD in the afternoon just because I had the thought of taking a step back.
    @Chris, great idea on the incline, and pack. I love it when people point out the obvious. Did you do this with boots or shoes?
    I’ve found that CrossFit gives me the best bang for my buck in terms of general fitness, I just have to find the right tools to compliment the work, the types of tools which will make me feel better about things like the hike from Paradise to Muir.
    I felt good doing it, and was okay with it, I just remember thinking I’d feel better and more confident if I was in better Mountaineering shape.
    I’m thinking about doing Rainer next Summer, maybe a 3 day trip.

  4. Do it with boots if possible, mimic as best you can. I find time when I can, go out in the morning, or hit a night run up a local mountain. I actually leave my pack along with 10 lb weights and 3 x 1 Gallon water jugs in my car. Sometimes I will just go on a 3 mile hike around the office complex for lunch. It is easy to dump water too and cut weight if you are done, 1 gallon = 8 lbs.
    As for Rainier let me know. If you want to go indy we can combine forces, I have a plan that relies on RMI guides for judgement. Also if you want in on Shasta let me know, its a 14er as well.
    Chris Foley

  5. you may have inspired me to start CF but I think I draw the line with running with a weighted vest!
    I am starting again with the work travel and freaking out a bit about how I will hold up against all the food temptation on an expense account. Bought some new clothes that are form fitting and size 6/small (for reference, I was size 22!). I cleaned the closet and purged all the baggy clothes so if I backslide I have to spend money on bigger sizes…hoping that helps keep me from backsliding!

  6. You look really good in the pic. Endurance is a different animal, but the more you get out the more experience you get in those skills. CFE will prep you overall for the exertion. If you want to get in touch with some folks who go to WVA to climb a lot, just shoot me an email and I’ll link you with them. Simon

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