09/29/2011 Oh Fuck, Crossfit Kung Fu Grip

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  1. Brother, just want to say thanks for the blog. This was your best post for sure. My name is Cameron and I’m heading to Malibu on Sunday for one month. I’m super grateful for your blog man, I feel better prepared for what’s coming. I’m really nervous, but excited. I plan on working my ass off. I have to get my weight under control, I’m 6’5 405 lbs . Anyways, i’m really impressed with your tenacity and you have set a good example for me. Thank you.
    p.s. is there anything that you wish that you had taken with you to Malibu? Supplements etc??

  2. Cameron,
    Thanks for the comment. You are making a great decision. Half of going to Fitness Ridge is just taking the time for you, and only you. Filling all the roles a person has to in a life can cause to loose site of us, as important as your family, and responsibilities are they don’t mean much if you are ill, or the verge of death.
    A month is a long time, and I have to tell you be prepared for the following milestones; in the first week it won’t be until Wednesday or Thursday until you realize you can handle the intensity. At the end of week two I advise you take the time to get off the reservation and get a taste of real life. This is also a good time to have lunch at Subway and try a 6″ sub, you will realize that it’s half sodium. After week three I hear it gets easier because you are in the home stretch.
    Send me an e-mail to fatguy@fattetsblog.com, and I’d be more than happy to send you some information on what I wish I had brought with me…
    It also looks like you’ll be blogging, it’s a great idea, if for nothing else it’s a record of where your head was during your time there, also your friends and family can give you support from afar.
    Good luck, and remember that as hard as the time there will be, you have prepare yourself for coming home.
    With much respect.
    Louis Kim

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