10/13/2011 It is What it Is…

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  1. So here goes, my OPINION on nutrition based on my research and clinical experience over the last three years (i.e. 300+ crossfit clients utilizing the methods I preach and seeing success):
    1) Lose the Labrada shake, it’s terrible for you. View the ingredient listing here, we cant pronounce a single ingredient (http://www.labrada.com/moreinfo_leanbodyrtd.shtml). Also, shakes are terrible for fat loss, as is ALL liquid food. Digestion is key to absorption of vitamins and minerals, when you flood the system via liquid food instead of CHEWING, the digestive enzymes don’t get to their job.
    2) Breakfast is super important. It should contain meat, vegetables and fat. Perfect breakfast: Eggs with spinach and peppers mixed in, bacon, avocado.
    3) 600 calories of nuts is not optimal. It’s a large caloric hit, but does not satisfy the appetite well or provide many nutrients.
    4) 2 to 3 meals / day is optimal. No snacking, no 4-5 meals. The myth that you need to eat often throughout the day is exactly that, a myth. It does not keep your metabolism high and it does not aid fat loss. The body responds well to intermittent fasting (i.e. 2-3 meals / day).
    5) Each meal should contain: animal protein, vegetables and some fat. Fruit is an OK substitute when you don’t have time for veggies, but should not be a daily staple. Fruit is just nature’s candy and at the end of the day is just sugar.
    take my ADVICE as you wish.

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