1/02/2012 New Year New Attitude

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  1. Burpees do SUCK! I also felt miserable and shaky after this workout. I also hacked up a fucking lung all day after this WOD. Clearly evidence of my “cheating” over the holidays as well as the combination of movements, ugghhh.
    Your paleo challenge will surely help with your diabetes. I’d bet money on it. Let m know if you want any recipes, I have a ton that are easy and yummy. Ask Bryan- I’ve changed his life with my cooking 🙂 I can’t wait to see the results and am really rooting for you!

  2. @ Shady not as entertaining as watching your lanky ass row, in an elliptical motion.
    @ Chesley, thanks…it’s insane how the things that used to be considered healthy like grains are actually the thing making everyone fat and killing them…

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