10/27/2011 Rx Metcon # 5! Louis Kim Fashion Rule 1

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  1. Couple points:
    – Great job on the metcon, the 2 pood is a beast for sure
    – Congrats on the jeans. I recall telling you to stop looking at the scale and see how your clothes are fitting. The scale doesn’t tell us shit.
    – Re: Healthcare, I disagree with your beliefs and that is all well and good. To use your point about seeing something that has worked… Looking back at your months of training, you were putting together your own program. You were meeting with different trainers, trying different methodologies. You came up with your own plan of attack to lose weight. I think you should pick something that you’ve seen work (P90x, CrossFit, Zumba, insert fad here) and follow it to a fucking T.
    The day I see you follow a CrossFit regiment (3 days on, 1 day off) and eat a strict paleo diet for one month, is the day I’ll consider socialized healthcare 🙂

  2. you guys crack me up!
    In terms of socialized medicine…the day we get Americans to shell out 40-50% in taxes is the day we can have socialized medicine (yes, that is approximately what people in countries with that sort of healthcare pay). Greedy Americans want everything for FREE. We won’t see this come to pass in our lifetime.
    And congrats on the jeans!

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