1/03/2012 Starting the New Year with a Better Outlook…but Still Pissed

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  1. Louis,
    For the paleo challenge, have you thought about actually giving this a real try? That means, eat paleo and only do the crossfit workouts on the white board, no extra rowing, no extra cardio, no outside personal training.
    You’ve taken the step to sign up for the challenge, so why not just give it a month? If you are leaving anyway if it doesn’t work, what do you have to lose? It’s 30 days…

  2. Not happy with this post Louis. Don’t give up on Crossfit. Just listen to the coaches and don’t cheat w/ the paleo challenge. Suggest posting a food log as well so you can get some nutritional guidance from the coaches.
    Remember Trainer Bob is using crossfit on the biggest loser. Gotta trust trainer bob

  3. It’s ridiculous how quick you are to turn your back on something that just the other day you were praising. CrossFit has given you a community, has given you friends, has made you healthier, stronger and on some days, it seems to have made you happier.
    Your messed up in the head and you need the PCF community to keep you grounded and keep you in check. If you leave the PCF community I will guarantee you will fall back into old habits and you will never reach your goals.
    Stop reading the news. Stop doing your own research. Please stop allowing you (the person that became overweight in the first place) to determine the right course of action. There are 16 coaches and 400+ members who HAVE figured it out.
    You’re not a special unicorn. You’re no different than anyone else. Stop making excuses acting like you’re unique. Reach out to your peers, we want to help you, we can help you.
    There is no where else on earth where people that don’t even know you are just as concerned about helping you reach your goals. PCF community is the only place where you’ll find that and your fucked if you leave.

  4. After that heart-felt praise for the PCF community, I will try to give you another perspective. This is not about CrossFit. I read the same study you did. They tested people that starved themselves to weight loss. It is an effective but usually short term strategy. Of course their bodies were hoarding calories. They were undernourished and overworked. This usually fails because people who are hungry eat. Never eating when you are hungry is hard and generally unsustainable.
    Here is what was useful in that article.
    Low calorie diets and cardio make your body hoard calories and store them for long term use. It also makes your muscles into super efficient slow twitch muscles that hurt your ability to lose weight. Yet somehow you have taken from this article that you should go on a low calorie diet and do more cardio.
    They studied dysfunctional people, had them remain dysfunctional but cut their intake, and then wondered why it didn’t work. How about this. Lift weights at high intensity and turn slow twitch into fast twitch muscles. Since insulin is the only hormone in the body that shuttles calories into fat, eat foods that reduce insulin. Do exercises and eat foods that increase production of the hormones that mobilize fat to be burned for fuel (testosterone, growth hormone).
    I won’t tell you how to do those things (though I obviously think I know how). I will tell you that if you go about your weight loss plan by thinking about how to improve muscle quality, reduce insulin, and promote healthy hormonal balance you will have more success. The people in the study didn’t even think of it that way. They are making the fallacy that you are which is assuming they already know the way to lose weight is exercise more and eat less. Then they write 10 page articles trying to puzzle out why that seems to not work. They never say, maybe that is not how you lose weight and this study is a refutation of that hypothesis.
    It doesn’t have to be CF and paleo to meet the above standards of “improve muscle quality, reduce insulin, and promote healthy hormonal balance.” You could become a sprinter and start lifting weights like a bodybuilder. And you could do it at Gold’s Gym (though the community support aspect seems to be a big selling point of our gym). The point is, get away from the idea that you just need to figure out how to eat less and exercise more.

  5. Kevin,
    I didn’t say I was leaving. I said I was taking a break. Wasn’t the original point of Crossfit to build “Elite Atheltes”? If that’s the case, if I ignore outside activities which may appear to be counterproductive to the core of Crossfit advancement, then what am I really getting better at other than Crossfit?
    I actually enjoy things like boxing, which presently are delivered through the form of a personal trainer, but I have a larger end goal which doesn’t involve being an elite Crossfitter, I want to be a better rounded athlete.
    My plan is to give it a month of strict Paleo, and Crossfit. My point is that I have a goal which involves being at a body weight which is 50 lbs less, I have been caught in a purgatory which is frustrating the hell out of me, regardless of progress in other areas. If I can’t break through this mental barrier, or do something to alleviate the pang that I have then I know I can’t proceed to the next level and will stay in this bizarre limbo.
    Thanks for reading. You’ve got 30 more days out of me, if I do decide to go rogue for a while it will be a short while, I did ultimately say I want to come back more comfortable in my own skin.

  6. Chad,
    I need to make it clear that my nutrition is better than rjp.com gives me credit for, I know this because I used to eat like a fucking pig. I do have a food log, I use My Net Diary on my iphone and ipad.
    I have a session with Liz tomorrow on nutrition.
    Louis Kim
    PS Just because I might take a short hiatus doesn’t mean I’m not going to kick your ass during the challenge.

  7. from CrossFit.com
    “Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.
    The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.”

  8. Shady,
    Let me begin by saying Reagan sucks.
    I’m a bit disheartened and pissed about this particular post, I do understand the intent, and where it comes from but have a little faith in me, I started my weight loss evolution long before I knew what Crossfit was, and if I hadn’t chosen Crossfit I know that I would already be closer to my goal weight.
    This does not mean I would have been in a better place. The two are not linked, and not mutually exclusive. I unlike you am not a right wing nut, so it’s harder for me to just buy the company line, so when people start spouting Obamacare, I don’t go holy shit catch phrase “Obamacare”, “Suck it Obamacare”. If something is not logical to me, then I have to question it, and I have to learn more about it.
    I’m sure being from the Ohio River Valley you’ve heard the phrase “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…” Well this particular horse has come up to a stream sees the water, and thinks it doesn’t quite smell like the river he used to drink from, so rather than getting horse dysentery he wants to taste it first then figure out if this particular drinking whole is for him.
    I’ve sung the praises of Crossfit because I see the value in the overall programming, and believe in the work, because I have not gained strength or body control like I have in such a short period of time, at the same time I can’t resolve the idea of your body systematically losing fat cells, and building muscle tissue all in the same timeline.
    I further have seen only a handful of cases where Crossfit has been used for an obese person to no longer be an obese person.
    There is value in the system that exists in Crossfit, yet I am not one to just go into something with blind faith, if I was I would probably be a hardcore Christian, and already tried to have convert PCF into CCF.
    Where my mind is today, I will never go back to my old life, and fuck you very much for having belief in me as a person. I’ve written many times that obese people are broken, and I started to fix myself before Crossfit, and I will fix myself after Crossfit.
    If what you are doing is not helping you to achieve your goals, do you keep doing it hoping for a different result or try and figure out what’s wrong with picture and fix it. At the end of the day I know very effective way to lose weight in a short period of time, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong in the long run, but I do know it will get me to a point where mentally I can deal with how I feel about myself, and how comfortable I am in my skin.
    I appreciate the PCF community, and realize this is a key element to what makes Crossfit work.
    You still suck.
    PS Show me one person in your 400 who have accomplished what I am trying to achieve and you will get less resistence from me…

  9. Aaron,
    First off thanks for approaching this in a different manner, I agree with you the study inherently have flaws, I think most studies of this type probably do. The article stated that the study participants engaged in moderate to light exercise, and that the calorie efficiency calculation was based on every day functions and the calories they burned during the moderate exercise, I further get your point those 800 calories a day is just above the body’s starvation threshold.
    The only reason I know this is that I’ve been on those diets before, and they fucking suck. The way I feel today is the primary reason why I haven’t jump back into working with a trainer and just doing cardio, I got tired of feeling tired all the time.
    My intent was not to put my body into starvation mode, but to reduce the intake that I am on now to just under 1800 calories and focus on longer duration endurance cardio. I agree with you the people in the study are probably dysfunctional, and did nothing to change their lifestyles. I have made significant changes in my life; it’s frustrating to not make progress on one of my key goals. (Do you know what it’s like for an Asian person not to eat any rice or noodles for 6 months?)
    You posted before about body weight, and how you are heavier than most people think you are, and I recall telling you that the weight was not as important as the pant size and the final product, yet where I am today feels like failure. I am not comfortable in my own skin, I’m not comfortable in anything I wear, and it drives me fucking insane. These are the feelings which compel me to find a better way, or a faster way to a slimmer place.
    I see your points about quality over volume of work. My buddy Ian is constantly beating into me how dumb I am for not listening to him, about the issues I have with equating the quality of my work based on sheer volume of time, effort, workouts, or even sweat. I read something on the Gym Jones website, that you have to have the courage to rest. That in our world of more, more, bigger, better that it’s necessary to turn your own brain off, and give yourself adequate rest.
    I’m a narcotic Asian, I can’t help the feelings of inadequacy I have when I am stifled in the progress of my goals. The truth of the matter is that all of this is about feeling better, not just physically but emotionally. I have two goals now, and I’m no longer sure if they can coexist. The one is to climb mountains; the other is to be thinner.
    Moving forward, I’ve given myself a window of time to go all in to Crossfit, before taking measures which are necessary for my mental health, I need to break a specific threshold which puts me at ease. I am too close to the 300 lbs mark for my own comfort.
    If anything I am today like a child running from a big fucking bear, and that bear is the number 300, and I want to get to 250 lbs which would make me more comfortable with everything including Crossfit.

  10. Hey man- totally understand. I was just saying, why not just give this a try for 30 days. Just crossfit and paleo. I mean, what the heck, give it a shot.
    I also like boxing. I’d like to get involved in some outside stuff as well. Maybe you can give me some ideas on that, but let’s talk about this after the challenge.
    You’ve come this far with crossfit, just drink a little kool-aid. Just a 30 day supply. lol.

  11. The bottom line is that what you plan to do after the paleo challenge will not work. 1800 calories a day or less with long cardio will not likely do the trick and if it does, you already read the study proving it won’t last. You have to change your body chemistry. If CF and Paleo don’t do that, then move to a plan that does. Calorie restriction and low inensity exercise not only doesn’t do this, it may tip the balances the WRONG WAY! This is the part I don’t understand. If I won $1 million if I got you to lose 30lbs without regard to your overall health or fitness, I would put you on a ketogenic diet and then do a broad based exercise program that included weights, high intensity training and some longer cardio. You will be over exercising and lacking intensity because of diet and volume, but you will lose weight.
    I think that you assume the more restrictive your diet, the longer you work, the more miserable you are, the faster you will lose weight. I think you assume this because you have a terrible relationship with food and your body, not because it is, in fact, the best way to lose weight and be healthy.
    Paleo challange and CF is a great start. My prediction is you will lose at least 10lbs in 30 days if done right. Possibly more. But I feel like you already assume it won’t work. Go into it without making plans for what you are going to do next … when this fails. What if it works? How much does it have to work? If you lost 10lbs in a month would you keep going? Or would cast aside positive movements in the right direction in favor of self-flagellation (I’m so glad that word was in spell check) that may or may not work?

  12. Aaron,
    If I lost 10 lbs in 30 days I absolutely would stay on track. As I stated earlier I don’t want to be fit fat guy, nor do I want to be just thin, this is for pussies.
    So 10 lbs a month to lose the next 70 lbs is more than ok with me.
    I’m just pissed I’ve been on such a long plateau.

  13. Hey Lou-
    I know I wrote a post the other day that PCF so graciously posted about how in the beginning stages of working out and lifting weights you can actually gain a little weight and your clothes may actually get tighter on you. You shouldn’t let this discourage you. You have to stick with it (it being working out & eating right), which I think you will. Sometimes, it takes time for your body’s ability to burn fat to catch up with it’s ability to build muscle. I agree with everything Aaron said. Stick with your plan of crossfit/paleo and be serious about it. I think you will be very surprised at the results you get.
    I have never been obese so I definitely can’t relate to your emotions, but I will say this: I did the paleo challenge last year just because I wanted to and I have been eating paleo since (year and half now). I’m always adjusting what I eat and trying to be healthier (in my own way of defining healthy). I wasn’t at a weight where I needed to lose pounds (maybe 5 if that). I went strick, strick paleo (no sugar (processed or fruit), no dairy, no grains, no nuts, no sweet pototo, no legumes, etc). I literally ate a shit ton of meat and vegetables. Literally more than my 6’2″ brother who weighs 240 pounds. I seasoned the hell out of the food and it was GOOD. The results, I lost 25 lbs. 25 POUNDS on a frame that didn’t need to. I have since re-introduced fruit, nuts, and the occasional sweet potato into my diet because A) they are paleo, and B) my frame needs more fat on it for normal bodily functions to maintain operation. During this time all I did was crossfit 4 or 5 times a week, allowing myself 2 days of rest(to this day that’s all I do). I only say this because I am a firm believer that it does work if you are truely disciplined to do it.
    I’m rooting for you and hope that you find the results that you are looking for. Like Aaron said, don’t get caught up in a number. If you are moving in a positive direction that’s all that matters. Give it time, stay away from the scale (muscle weighs more than fat anyway), and pay attention to how your clothes are starting to fit. The scale might say you weigh more, but you might still be taking inches off of your overall size. Pay attention to that. Just a little food for thought. Good luck!

  14. Chesley,
    Thanks for your encouragement, having you at the 6AM is pleasure, and i figure if I can keep up with you in the Metcons I’m doing okay. I’m going to give this a run, and see how far I get.
    Well there’s the weight loss, and whooping up on Antwone.

  15. I have stumbled upon your blog and can understand many of your frustrations! I started CF 2 years ago and was obese, very obese. In the first year, I lost 65 lbs. Over the 2nd year I lost about 10 more lbs, and stalled. There are lots of reasons for the stall, but I think they all boil down to me just eating too many calories, even Paleo calories.
    I think that it is different for many people who are significantly overweight. CF people in the gym will eat paleo and it looks nothing like paleo for a fat person. Lots of people in a CF gym need to eat for muscle building, so they eat a lot of fat. I have lots of muscle mass under all of this fat, and I am already very strong. I need to lose weight. I am currently paleo with a calorie limit because I still want to lose 30 lbs. I just don’t think there is any other way to do it. Without weighing and measuring my food, my food portions seem to just grow and grow over time, without me really noticing it.
    After all of this time, even with weight loss slower than I would have liked over the last year, there have been many positives-
    -I love CF so I stick with it
    -The community is great
    -My body comp has changed drastically, even while still being fat
    -I am strong
    -I have learned a lot about myself in this long and mentally tough process
    -I have lost the weight slowly, changed my habits enough that I have reached a place of NOT fearing that I will put the weight back on at any moment. It is much easier for me to maintain this current weight now, and I know what I have to do if I go up a couple lbs. I know the fear, and it is so, so much less for me now!
    But I am super ready to not be fat at all anymore! So I am going to do the hard things that I know I need to do. And from reading a little about the PCF paleo challenge, if you stick to their strict guideline, you should be happy with the results at the end. It really is the fruit, nuts, alcohol, and paleo convenience food that kills you!

  16. Leah,
    I feel like you are a long lost cousin. I’m just happy to know that there are others out there who feel the same way.
    I am constantly told eat when your hungry, but when your eating is dysfunctional, it’s just not reasonable. I wrote somewhere to someone, telling a fat guy to eat when hungry is like telling a pedophile to touch only when you really need to, it’s a constant craze.
    It would be awesome if we could e-mail each other occasionally, if you would like to do this I can be reached at fatguy@fattestblog.com.
    Thanks for reading. Good luck to your final push.

  17. Louis,
    I get it. Email sent.
    And it does look like you have some awesome and super blunt coaches. 🙂 Those kind can be hard to find, and they are super valuable!

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