11/07/2011 What is Progress?

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  1. I love the biggest loser, it has done amazing things for many people, but it has also given the false notion that you should be losing weight every single fucking week and seeing body composition changes every time you look in the mirror.
    This shit takes time (When not living on a campus, working out for 10 hours / day. You tried that and got burnt out..because it’s not fucking sustainable). That is why myself and 400+ members continue to go to CrossFit day in, day out. Because it doesn’t happen over night. And it doesn’t last forever if you STOP. The reason I do CrossFit is because I ENJOY IT and I can see myself doing it forever, therefore maintaining or improving on my current baseline.
    It’s ridiculous to assume that weight that took multiple years to gain, is going to come off in only a matter of months. This completely ignores many factors such as genetics and age (At 23, your body can lose the weight much faster than at 33).
    I’ll tell you what progress is. It’s sticking to a workout, nutrition, sleep and stress plan for a set period of time. Not worrying about how pants fit or what the scale says, but just worrying about following a damn plan to reach a desired end state.
    This shit isn’t going to happen overnight, and as soon as you realize that and set realistic goals, you will stop stressing about it (stress is keeping you fat) and enjoy the workouts and life much more.

  2. Shady,
    You are nothing if not angry, and a self professed evangelical of Crossfit, i agree with everything you have said, but what was working prior to Crossfit was a plan, perhaps not a sustainable one but one that was working. It is the sole reason why I pushed it for as long as I could.
    Having said that, it’s not an overnight thing, and progress happens far more incrementally then on some stupid TV show, but like my business you have to watch the numbers, and judge progress on empirical data, rather than feel, because how I feel today could vastly be different from how I feel tomorrow.
    With all that being said, I gained weight much faster than most people, I gained most of my weight in a 16 month period, so I expect to lose it in about the same timeline.
    99% of the people you deal with, and are talking about aren’t morbidly obese. Of those 400 people maybe 1 or 2 understand what it was like to be where I was 6 months ago. You can’t fucking do box jumps, if you can barely get your leg up a staircase.
    Even today, I can feel that many of my physical limitations in doing Crossfit WoD’s is directly linked to how much mass I’m carrying, or a physical barrier because of the extra weight.
    Progress today is not what it was 4 months ago, I accept that, but what I won’t accept is having 3-4 months where I am not losing a single pound, regardless of the method.
    Second place is first loser…

  3. so to summarize:
    biggest loser style training = works fast, but doesn’t last due to sustainability.
    crossfit = works slow*, and does last a lifetime
    *TBD for the Unicorn otherwise known as Louis Kim

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