12/05/2011 DWAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. wtf – did you all of a sudden stop listening to yourself and listen to the rest of us? You’re actually making sense for once in your life.
    oh and my non-coaching, non-woding ass whooped your butt by two full rounds yesterday. #bringitbitch

  2. Shady,
    It’s ok, you out worked an overweight self-professed whiny bitch. I would “#” something back at you but I have no idea what that gang code means.
    The day I lap you in a Metcon I am going to not only tap dance on your forehead, but I’m going to paint your truck pink.
    BTW I know Liz can out front squat me, Hot Chicks Might Lift Heavy, but really cool guys lift light, which makes me the coolest guy at PCF.

  3. Good post Lou.
    Dwayne: As one of the other two on the beach that day, I remember the way you attacked that workout. I was really impressed and I still am when I think about it. I know you can do the work – just keep at it. Don’t worry about yesterday – focus on today and tomorrow. You put me on to one of my favorite slogan’s – “yesterday you said tomorrow”.
    Just do it buddy
    Kent from FR

  4. Thanks guys, I have actually spent the majority of this trip not trying to see how much I can mind over matter my workouts, but how I can mind over matter my emotional eating. I feel really good about my trip here, and feel like it has set me back on the right path. I know how hard I can workout at any given time, but the things I have learned this trip have been almost all mental. The life coach here has actually really helped me not focus on my behaviors, but on the emotional triggers and how I process them so that I can keep moving forward. I know what you mean about all the gadgets, the problem with me is that I am a gadget whore and love to get statistics. I actually stopped wearing my polar watch after day one here, and the Up sucks ass. I really don’t care about 400 vs 500 calories, I care about working out, being happy and balanced, and adhering to the proper nutrition I know my body needs.
    Thanks so much for all the inspiration you and Kent have given me. I have really needed it and you guys have stuck with me through a bad time now. I am back on the path to being the man I actually am, and not the one I fear I am.
    You guys are awesome,

  5. “YOU CAN’T OUTWORK BAD NUTRITION!” Poetic! Assume that came from Shady (so I give him credit when I repost).

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