April 14th 2011 Food Log

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a pretty tasty day of eating, especially at 1600 calories. Are you cooking all this yourself?

  2. I’m still in Italy, will be for another five or six days, and one of the things that this trip has really beaten into me about the place is how very simple preparations of high-quality ingredients can be so satisfying. I had this salad today that was, I think, five ingredients — thinly shaved blanched artichokes, a fair amount lemon juice, a little olive oil, white pepper — and it was just delicious, inspirationally so. I want to start paying way more attention to what is fresh and in season, not because it’s some hippy save-the-world thing or some slick food trend, but because vegetables taste so much better when they’re grown naturally and you get them pretty soon after they’ve been picked.
    So, um, I’m not quite sure why I ended up ranting about that on your blog, but do with it what you will.

  3. Alex,
    Good Rant! One of the biggest eye openners for me at the Fat Camp, is how crappy the majority of our food is, and how harmful all the processing is to what we consume. I wish I could be there enjoying some of that fantastic rustic food.

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