Day 28 After Biggest Loser Malibu

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  1. Awesome man keep it up! I know how you feel about he clothes things and success and attachments. My belt loop is always my guide for how I am doing these days. Closing in on a new belt soon I hope!

  2. First I have to say – YAY YOU! I understand the closet purge struggle. Good for you for letting go and clearing the space. And OMG, you must have HUGE closets with the amount of stuff you are getting rid of!
    And oh the psychologic nail you hit when you talk about fear of success…why do we hold on to the weight? Why can we be so successful in our professional lives yet booby trap ourselves when it comes to the personal sh*t. Why can’t we have it all and more important why shouldn’t we?

  3. You motivated me in a different way this time. I am closet purging, and house purging. Clearing my space for the new me. Fortunately have a neighborhood garage sale next weekend so just unloading everything in the garage for now. If I make a few bucks, great. If not, off to GoodWill it will go. Shedding pounds and shedding belongings that are holding me back. Boy this feels good. Be gone past, I want my present and future!

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