Day 7 After Biggest Loser Resort Malibu

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  1. Don’t give up! Your discipline has been amazing! I’ve been reading your blog for daily inspiration and as well as you’re doing, I’m sure it’ll reflect on the scale soon.

  2. FUCK!!!!! Fuck fuck fuck.
    Solidarity, Louis. I am really sorry about the less than stellar results.
    This may sound strange (and I am clearly limited in my knowledge) but maybe you aren’t eating ENOUGH calories. You know those weeks on the Biggest Loser when people who work their asses off don’t lose? Sometimes its because they are sneaking bags of chips. Sometimes its because they aren’t eating enough calories and their bodies go into starvation mode and strart eating away muscle.
    Just a thought. Maybe DO see a doctor?? Or a nutritionist?
    Hang in there Louis. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  3. Louis, stay strong! Take it from someone who has weighed on an almost daily basis for over two years. — Sometimes it takes the scale a few days or even a week to catch up with your calorie burn. Other than the typical water weight stuff, I can’t explain it, but sometimes you see no drop, then the next day down a few pounds. Meanwhile, you are burning fat.
    Agreed that sometimes adding in a higher calorie day (taking the calories from other days so your weekly burn doesn’t go down – maybe going up to 2000 one day). But I think that’s really more after a plateau of a few weeks.

  4. Hey Louis
    Stick with it Man! The plan is good and the numbers will take care of themselves. Don’t get discouraged! You got this!

  5. from the woman who burst into tears after stepping on the scale after Week 1…
    IT IS JUST A NUMBER, it does not define you are what you have done.
    Yes, it is a way to track your progress, and yes, I weigh weekly now…but the true value is inches lost (or inches gained if you are looking at muscle mass), how you feel physically and cardio-wise, how your clothes fit and how you are doing emotionally.
    You continue to inspire me.

  6. I agree with the above comments including:
    1) I am inspired by reading your blog
    2) I think that you maybe need to eat more calories and/or see a medical professional to see if that seems right to an expert
    3) the changing of your body matters more than your weight (maybe you are converting fat into muscle… how could you not be???)
    4) Your plan is solid, the numbers will take care of themselves…
    Hang in there- you are doing an AMAZING JOB!!!
    And thank you for taking the time and energy to keep us posted via blog.

  7. As a medical professional, I can say that most medical professionals will not know what to do with this information. You’d need to see some sort of metabolic specialist to really get any useful input. My thoughts, in brief:
    1. I would agree that not eating enough calories is a potential cause of your zero loss. As we know, the body launches into starvation mode at some point and stops losing. And given how many calories your are burning vs. consuming, you may be there, especially given your “chills” episodes, which may indicate early hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia causes adrenergic stimulation and can kick your body into “starvation mode.” Don’t let yourself go there. Also, consider 1 “cheat meal” a week or one “cheat day” a month.
    2. I’m sure you’ve had your thyroid checked, but get it checked if you have not recently.
    3. If you’ve done both these things, write me or Tracy an email and we will talk to her wife about finding an expert on metabolic issues. You could go to your regular doctor, but I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

  8. Tracy,
    Thanks for the great comments. You have no idea how motivating it is to have great people like you tell me that I inspire them, it’s you all that inspire me to keep pushing when I don’t want to…

  9. Lou,
    I TRY to measure progress based on inches lost and my cardio endurance. I was going to say clothing size but after shopping today and needing various sizes based on vendor, that is not a true measure. It does give me a little indication that I am doing okay, especially since I didn’t need to shop in the PLUS size section for the first time in many many years. 🙂
    I can’t lie though, I do weigh weekly to gauge my progress but do know that I am building some muscle mass so if the scale isn’t moving, I chalk it up to muscle being heavier than fat. My scale also have fat % but I think it is a little flaky as it can change +/- 2-3% just be reweighing.
    BTW, your calves are becoming more defined based on videos today. Remember I did hike behind you and have them forever ingrained in my memory as I tried to match your pace. THink you are about ready for a smaller “cover-up” tshirt size. You are swimming in the one you wore in the crab walk!

  10. Sherri,
    I can’t wait to shop in the regular clothing stores. Big and Tall is a euphemism for “Really Fat and Gawky”.
    My cover-up, I’m going to buy some new t-shirts when I get down in weight a bit more.

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