Fitness Ridge Day 14, aka Biggest Loser Resrort

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  1. Hi Louis! So glad to know how well you are doing. And how motivated you continue to be!
    Had you been on some of the estrogen hikes of Van 5 first week, you would have heard many of us verbalizing our mid-life crises. We asked similar questions you did in today’s blog. What life can I live that is healthy and meaningful? And how did I create an existence that is so far away from that? I’ll let you know if I figure it all out! My Very Best, Stephany

  2. How To Avoid The Fitness Confusion And Get Into Awesome Physical Shape

    Perhaps the most ambiguous aspect of personal fitness is the actual fitness industry. If you are not up to date on the fitness industry, it is easy to be suckered in by false advertisements and promises. Learning the local fitness industr…

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