Fitness Ridge Day 14, aka Biggest Loser Resrort


6:00 AM group stretch with Edward, Angela, Kent, Sharon.  Okay it wasn’t really a group stretch but out of 80+ we were the only ones stretching this morning.  It was nice to get a chance to try and develop my own stretching routine. 

8:00 AM Hike to Solstice Canyon.  If not for Angela’s desire to hike Solstice, and Kent’s change of plans this morning after his weigh-in I would probably would have wussed out today and gone to the beach.  I’m so glad we ended up doing Solstice. 


This hike is rewarding, and gives you plenty of opportunity to work hard.  When I started I had one simple goal which was to hike the entire route to the waterfall without stopping.  I accomplished this goal, and was amazed at the time, my first attempt to hike Solstice took more than hour, today I reached the waterfall in 40 minutes.  I am proud of the fact that in two weeks I have been able to cut almost 1/3 of the time.  This obviously created enough time for a “bonus”.


The “bonus” here was that we turned around and went back up and hiked the reverse route.  When I almost reached the top Randy (hiking guide) told me to reach the top and turn around because we would take the fire road straight out.  I reached the top quickly and turned around to go back down to the waterfall.    I had almost reached the home stretch of the hike down when I saw a bright neon green shirt coming back up the hill, I stopped.  I was more than halfway back down and wasn’t planning on doing the return twice.

I got an additional “bonus” of doing the back side one additional half.   Towards the top of the return trip to the van I had my first chance to hike with Kent, and James together.  It was nice to have a few moments of straight testosterone.  Guy talk, the way it’s supposed to be…me want meat…

When I reached the base of the hike we had enough time to do the paved hill again as another “bonus”.  I actually wanted to do it again, but we were short on time.  Can someone say indoctrinated?

11:15 Cardio or Pool, in trying to post to this blog in a timely manner I missed this class.  I also had to take care of small work issues. 

1:00 PM PT with Michael C.   I had a session with Michael today utilizing the Bosu and Medicine balls.  This was an interesting workout because I didn’t feel very winded, but I was sweating.  The bosu is another evil device invented by some trainer, which looks simple and easy to use, until you workout with someone who knows how to make it destroy you. 

An example a plank is a great way to work out your core.  When you do a plank with the ball side down of the bosu you are working 10x as hard.  You not only have to use your core to keep yourself up but you have to use other stabilizer muscles to stay up.  This was my last personal training session for the week.

For dinner tonight we skipped graduation.  We went to Nobu, it was our first time in a real sit down restaurant after two weeks.  When the server started explaining the non-sushi menu I wanted to laugh, cry, and get the hell out of dodge.  Everything sounded fantastic.  It sounded amazing.  We ultimately ordered just sushi and sashimi.  I ordered sashimi, and had 10 total pieces of fish. 

IT WAS AMAZING!  Tasting something familiar to me was reinvigorating.  What was even more amazing is that I was full after 10 pieces of sashimi.  No rice, no other proteins, no additional filler.  It was a great experiment in exercising self control when your meals aren’t catered to your weight loss needs.  We are going to do another test tomorrow at a buffet; we will see how it works out. 

This was a tough week.  I have never in my life at any point ever exerted the amount of physical energy I did during this week.  My body is sore, I’m tired and I can’t get enough it.  If I could, I would stay another week. 

Sam told me something yesterday which has stuck with me, he told me my body was ready to do the work but it’s my mind wanting to quit.  I’m not ready to quit.  I won’t ever be ready quit.  I don’t want to find myself in that place again where quitting becomes easier.  As my physical health has deteriorated I’m sure my mental fortitude in other areas such as work has suffered, and I am no longer planning on living my life in this place. 

We all strive to create something tangible from nothing whether it’s a relationship, a business, an idea, I want to create a mission in my life to not only pursue physical excellence but to find a place where I am creating a financial means in my life that creates opportunity and choices while truly bettering the world at large.  Where do I go to start this mission?



  1. Hi Louis! So glad to know how well you are doing. And how motivated you continue to be!
    Had you been on some of the estrogen hikes of Van 5 first week, you would have heard many of us verbalizing our mid-life crises. We asked similar questions you did in today’s blog. What life can I live that is healthy and meaningful? And how did I create an existence that is so far away from that? I’ll let you know if I figure it all out! My Very Best, Stephany

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