Fitness Ridge Day 15 aka Biggiest Loser Resrort Malibu


Today was a day off, a much needed day off.  Sunday’s here are always a day of rest, it allows for your body to recuperate.  As much as we abuse our bodies it’s a necessity to give the muscles a chance to recover, and for your mind to rest.  I think the mind having a chance to relax is more important than the physical rest.  It becomes a tedious routine plugging away every hour on the hour.  I brought 5 books with me, none of which I have read.  When the day ends all you want to do is rest, and give your brain a chance to “veg”. 

This day started as the first step towards going home, but after the weigh in I was a bit disappointed. 

Here are the numbers:

3/20/11                                           3/27/11                           04/03/11

372 lbs                                             357 lbs                             342 lbs

40% Body Fat                                    39.5% Body Fat                 38.5 % Body Fat

I was hoping to get to 333 on this trip.  333 is a number I have gotten to in the past, and to return home having reached this number again, it would have been a major victory in overcoming my obesity.  This is ultimately why I made a decision to stay for 5 more days.  I changed my flight to Saturday morning, and I was planning on staying in a hotel nearby and commuting for another week, when a last minute cancelation allowed me stay in the same room.  Can someone say serendipitous? 

In the afternoon Kent and I went on another meal “test” in a restaurant.   After 4 hours of trying to find a suitable place to eat, we found a nice Greek restaurant about 20 minutes from the reservation.  Once we were seated we spent about 30 minutes reading over the menu, and using our smart phones to calculate calories.  Ultimately we ended up choosing Seared Ahi Tuna, I picked a salad, and Kent chose the platter with orzo and a side salad.  I wish I had taken a picture of this salad; the plate looked like a serving platter. 

Based on my math the 7 oz seared Ahi Tuna steak had about 270 calories and about 30g protein (desperately needed protein).  We also shared two shrimp cocktails; there are about 20-30 calories per shrimp.  I think I had about 7 pieces.  All together my meal was probably less than 450 calories.  I asked for the dressing on the side and used it like wasabi, dipping very lightly my veggies. 

What an experience…how different it was picking a meal based on my caloric needs, and not my emotional needs.  I didn’t have a problem with the total calories, it was actually very filling.  I could have gotten away with only eating half of the tuna put I finished the entire steak because of my protein deficiency.  I have felt my upper body get weaker since I’ve been here; they only provide us 5 oz of protein a day.  This is just not sustainable for a man.  They don’t provide an alternative meal plan, so this next week I am going to purchase some Myoplex Light drinks which have a 110 calories and 17g of protein to help supplement my needs.  I really think towards the end of last week the lack of protein created a situation where my body was breaking down muscle tissue.  I had consumed less fruit and veggies to keep my calorie count lower, inevitably I think this behavior caused me to lose less weight than I should have, I know for a fact I burned more calories last week than the during the previous week, but my weight loss number was exactly the same.  This is going to be tough finding the balance between low caloric consumption and high intensity workouts.    

I rented a car today which has been liberating.  It allowed me to visit a friend of mine who lives in Brentwood.  This guy is awesome, he’s fiercely loyal, hardworking, and has a big heart.  Being Israel the period after September 11th was tough for him, and I think he appreciates how I stuck by him, and tried to offer him as much support as possible during that time.  I was happy to see he married a fantastic woman this past January, he’ll readily admit she’s a major catch for him.  I am planning on seeing him again Wednesday for dinner, this will be a major test; it will be my first social gathering since fatguy rehab started two weeks ago. 

In concluding my second week I realize that I am exhausted.  My body is worn out, and the inability to surpass my previous week’s weightloss numbers was a kick in the teeth.  I pushed myself to my limits, and then broke through on multiple occasions. 

I haven’t worked this hard before in any endeavor, perhaps that’s the reason I am not satisfied with my life.  I choose not to live my life in an unsustainable, unsatisfying manner.  The major win for me this week is the redefining of what it means to work hard, in fact the barometer which previously measured my efforts in life don’t apply because we have reached a whole new arena of effort.

I am a bit apprehensive about staying another week, but I am prepared to work my ass off to get past the number which has been my wall for several years.

By for now…


  1. Louis,
    Happy it worked out you could stay in your room, although you might have scored bigger if you could get farther away from Moo Too!
    I returned home today. Long day of travel so will sleep in tomorrow and get in my afternoon workouts. Need to get accustomed to eastern time zone again.
    Was thinking of you all today as each hour rolled by and wondering what hike you were on and what classes you were attending. Keep pushing and break through that 333. Know you can do it!

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