Fitness Ridge Day 17 aka Biggest Loser Resrot Malibu


I wanted to start this post with a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has left encouraging comments on my previous posts, and the great e-mails have received from everyone they have been instrumental in helping me keep my focus.

6:00 AM stretch with Cameron.  As time goes on the stretch sessions with Cameron are becoming less satisfying, and the dynamic stretch with Sam is becoming more of what I want.  How funny is it that three weeks after my first stretch with Sam I was wondering WTF?  I got a decent stretch this morning, yet I don’t think my body is fully warmed up.  Sam’s dynamic stretches provide me both and make it easier to hike.

8:00 AM hike to “Dirt View” aka “Ocean View” trail.  Prior to the hike I iced my ankle, took 3 Motrin, and bought an ankle brace in the store at the resort.  Yet my ankle was still making me feel a bit apprehensive about the hike.  What added some apprehension to my hike was the fact that this week they have 1 less van than the prior two weeks, which meant that all the fast people are now in van 6.  I was beginning to enjoy setting the pace with Paula for the entire van.  I am now in the slower pack of the fast van.

The hike started again at the trail head of Zuma Front Side.  I tried to start the hike ahead of the rest of the group in the hopes I could get a head start and warm up my sore ankle.  Alas this plan did not work because before we crossed the creek Kent “Speedie” McDuffie had caught up and started his usual fast pace up the ridge, soon followed by the majority of the group.

My ankle at this point was in a great deal of pain, every step I took would make me wince, this feeling was not helped by the fact that the path had been washed out two weeks ago because of the rains so the terrain was sloped inward towards the middle of the trail which amplified the intensity of the angle at which you placed your feet.  I proceeded to work the ascent as best as I could trying to keep a reasonable pace.  As time went on the front group got further away, I couldn’t help but relive moments from elementary school where I always ended up last during a run.  This feeling grew as the hike went on. 

I just could not find a way to muster more steam.  Every time I could create a small burst of energy I would only move a few hundred feet and revert back to the slow speed. 

The rest of the hike was a major test of my mental fortitude.  Every step I took was becoming more and more painful, a few times I wanted to turn back and return to the van.  I had to keep telling myself I haven’t given up on anything yet, so why should I do that now.  My poor mental state kept me highly anxious about snakes, there are rattle snakes here and they have been spotted on numerous hikes.  Snake fears and all I did make it to the turnaround point, but it was far behind the lead group.

With the rest of the group turning around, I was the only slow person to make it to the turnaround point, which meant I was now dead last; this meant Zoë (hiking guide) was tasked with being my guide.  I was so pissed off; I was now the “slow guy” who had to be escorted by the hiking guide. 

The downhill’s made my ankle feel worse; it was a mental battle to get back to the van.  By the time I reached the final ascent my ankle was limp, but I was still pissed off.  I was really pissed off.  I WAS THE FAT GUY WHO WAS LAST!  I was not happy, Zoë did her best to make me think differently, but she made me feel deranged for the feelings I was going through.  I went through an array of hostility towards myself, anger for not trying harder, and dejection for falling into last place. 

11:15 AM skipped class to ice my ankle. 

I did not have any personal training today I used the time to ice, and elevate my ankle.

2:30 PM Total body toning with Ursula.  Ursula’s total body toning class revolved completely around rubber resistance bands.  We warmed up walking in a circle, stretching out various upper body parts.  We performed various motions laterally with the rubber bands under our feet to provide resistance.  This was part of the warm up. 

We then partnered with another guest and performed simultaneous resistance band exercises.  An example of one the rubber bands were looped around each other in the middle with one set of handles in my hand and the other set in my partners hands.   While holding bands straight in front of us we would both squat at the same time. 

As we proceeded we built on each one dimensional move, and would add a compound move, such as squatting and rowing which created a total body motion.   There were about 5 other exercises which we performed each for 2 minutes.

We finished the class with planks, and crunches.  By the end of the class I was feeling better, and started to get my juices flowing.  The unmotivated douche bag started to melt away from the sweat.

3:30 PM Cardio Intervals with Ursula.  Cardio intervals involve 8,:30 second intervals, at the end of each interval you increase the resistance, incline, or speed of your work.  At the top of the 8 increases you hold that level for 1 minute then work downward at the same pace for 7 intervals.  At the bottom of the arc there are three sprints 1 minute intense 1 minute recovery.  You then repeat the entire cycle once more. 

The highest  I’ve worked with on the Arc Trainer is level 60.  My plan was to work up to resistance level 65 – 70, I ended up working at level 100 at the top of the interval arc.  This is the first time I’ve gotten this high and held it for that long.

This was the most I’ve sweat during a cardio class since the first week.  At the end of the class I was feeling great, it helped that James and Kent were two machines down from me.  They are always working hard so I used there mojo to propel me.  By the had end of the class I was feeling phenomenal.

4:30 PM Total Toning with Sam.  Sam’s total toning class involves a circuit routine with 12 stations.   This was such a great workout, I patterned with Kent, we rocked each station.   The three highlights of the circuit included the 2 minute partner squat and hold, the Reebok step jump ups, and the leg throws. 

In the partner squat and hold, you grab the arms of your  partner in a crisscross fashion and then both lower your butts into a squat.  The objective is to use your partner’s body weight to counter balance, the position requires you to use your quads as much as your glutes. 

In the Reebok step jumps ups, Sam placed a series of five Reebok steps, with each set progressively higher than the previous one.  We chose to jump up to each one.  What a site it must have been a big black guy, with a big Asian guy leaping up each step, it could not have looked natural at all.  I wish we could have recorded this one.

Leg throws involve one person lying on his back, using the other person’s legs as a handle, the partner stands over the head of the person on the ground and throws the legs forward.  The person on the ground is fighting to keep his legs from touching the ground which engages the abdominal muscles. 

If I ever needed a workout like this today was the day.  It was the workout that changed my mind back to a positive place.  I am here for three more days  and I need to get my ass in gear.  It’s time to make my extra time here worth every second of it. 

I am coming into the home stretch.  I am ready to go home but I have to kick ass the next three days.  I have to hit my number to make it all worth the effort.



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