Fitness Ridge Day 18 aka Biggest Loser Resort Malibu


6:00 AM Dynamic Stretch with Sam.  Exactly how I needed to start the morning.  By the end of the session my body was feeling loose and limber.  It is what I needed to get through this tough day.

8:00 AM Beach hike with the fast people.  I did my last beach hike today, it was overcast the entire time, but the ocean is still beautiful.  When we started it must have been the slack tide, a gaggle of surfers were unloading their boards, and putting on wet suits when we arrived.  Out in the ocean more surfers sat on their boards waiting for the tide to come in and the next wave to break, from a distance they looked like a harem of seals. 


The waves from the tide moving out packed down the sand which made it easier to walk along the beach. 

The lead group created a nice brisk pace, I actually stayed within shouting distance of this faster group; that is until they started running.  Once they started running I made it up in my mind I wouldn’t allow them to get more than 10 minutes ahead of me.   I was able to keep them within 5 minutes of them on the out part of the hike, and stayed with them on the return back to the vans. 

I had to put the ankle pain, and the blister on the ball of my right foot out of my mind.  Recently on the hikes I have also been choosing not to listen to music.  I am trying to focus on the duty at hand rather than use the music to distract my mind from the pain.  It has given me an unanticipated opportunity to get to know some great people on an almost intimate level.  During the hikes topics of conversation range from future plans, to the hopes and aspirations parents hold for children, to the best place to get sushi, or the intricacies of the word “fine” when spoken by a woman.   I would also like to give a shout out to my stalker…I mean hiking guide Chloe. 


Each trip to the beach has been unique.  Today the combination of the pace, and the low tide allowed us to travel further down the beach than we had gone on any previous beach hike.  The further down the coast that we traveled and the more houses that we saw, the more I asked myself “How do I live this life?”  If you see the picture below you can’t tell me that sitting in those chairs watching a sunset wouldn’t just warm your soul, then I'm not sure you have one.


Reason number 102 of why I want to lose weight:



11:15 AM Stretch, I skipped stretch to take care of some work, and to ice my ankle.

12:15 PM Group Workout with Sam on the beach.  James, Kent, Dwayne, and I were part of a test workout on the beach.  The resort wanted to see how a beach workout would be received by the guests.  From what I understand Dwayne asked Sam about the possibility of working out on the beach.  Good Job Dwayne!  Let’s take a tough workout and make it harder by adding sand to the mix.

We started our session with a jog down the beach about a quarter mile down and back.  Once we returned from the run, we started with burpies.  In a burpy you jump down into a pushup position, and then jump back up on your feet.  After 1 minute of burpies we jumped straight up for 1 minute.  Normally this is tough for any fat guy, if you add the sand it’s almost impossible to get an explosiveness to get your knees up.  Jump ups was followed by 1 minute of mountain climbers. 

Following the mountain climbers Sam turned up the level of "fun".  We were told to get into a downward dog type stance with our legs straight and our hands touching the sand.  Then we were told to crab walk down the sand down the slope of the beach towards the ocean and we had to touch the water.  After touching the water we backed up in the same position.  This motion was difficult for everyone.  Especially the reverse motion, in reverse you have to push off your upper body and not your legs which is very difficult when all the weight is pushing forward.

Following the crab walks we turned perpendicular to the coastline in the same stance, and moved laterally towards the ocean.  Once we touched the water we turned and moved back up the slope.  By the end of the warm-up I think all four of us were getting tired.

In the next phase we moved to a small circuit of four stations.  Sam took the big ass  rope and anchored it down to a weighted vest.  The vest was placed on the downward slope of the sand, as the water rolled over the rope the big ass rope became the heavy ass rope.  In this part of the circuit, each of us spent 1 minute alternating arms up and down, and then 1 minute using both arms together .

Station 2 involved boxing with Sam.  Two minutes of following Sam around the beach while throwing punch combinations based on what he would bark at us.  Station 3 involved jumping lunges, and forward jumping, all of which was done coming up the slope of the sand.  The added incline raised the level of difficult three fold.  The final station involved using a 15lb medicine.  Similar to Monday’s workout, we had to squat and press the ball, then we had to go chase it down and do it again.  After1 minute we changed the motion by throwing the ball over our heads. 

We finished the session in pairs.  One set of partners pulled the rope with the weight vest attached and pulled the vest down the beach up a small service road and then brought it back.  The other set of partners worked on core by doing inclined crunches.





By the end of the session we were covered in sweat, sand, and thanks to the oil company’s oil.  I just wanted to give a royal fuck you and shout out to the major oil companies who continue to fuck up our natural resources.  For the uninformed the oil which is leaked into the ocean never really just dissipates, it breaks up into smaller spheres which float all over the ocean.  These balls then wash up on the shore where they melt and turn into splotches on our beaches.  And then one day if you are a fat guy working out with your trainer and doing crab walks will plant your hand in one, and your toe in another one.  Seeing as the West Coast hasn’t had a major oil spill since the Exxon Valdez when I was 10 years old, it’s highly probably this is a remnant from that great moment in ecological history. 


So thank you Exxon for turning a fucking awesome workout into a moment of making me want to cut your corporate heart out with a spoon (it doesn’t sound the same coming from big Asian guy as it does Alan Rickman).

2:30 PM Mountain with John.  We got back from the beach a bit late so I missed the first 3 levels of mountain.  Having James and Kent on the machines next to me was a huge help in motivating me to get my ass moving.  A personal victory, I was able to reach level 90 on the arc trainer during mountain.  This is significant because each of the 12 levels last for 3 minutes which means this was the most time I spent working on the Arc Trainer at levels above 50.  It was tough trying not to absorb all the rah rah that John was speaking.  It’s not for me but I realize that it works for some people.  It was an awesome session personally for me because I felt for the first time this week I was working like I had the previous two weeks.

3:30 PM Mountain again with John.  In having such a great session in the previous hour, I felt I should make up for the slacking the past two days by doing Mountain again.  Before the class started John came over to me and asked what level I had reached the previous class, I told him 90, he responded by saying you are going to go higher right?  Inside I said to myself “SHIT!”.  My plan had been to focus on speed this time instead of resistance.  With everything I have said about John, my ego would not allow me to step down from this small but apparently effective challenge.  I finished at level 100 for 3 minutes, and now grateful John is the way he is because I wouldn’t have pushed that hard if not for that slight comment.

4:30 PM Cardio Kickboxing with Ursula.  Entering this class I felt wiped out.  My partner Kent was clearly wiped out as well, when he told me he wasn’t sure what he had left I told him you got this we are going to kick ass.  I don’t if I said that for him or for me. 

Each cycle of kicking and punching we motivated each other with lots of loud “come on”, “hit harder”, “great”, and “get some”.  If it hadn’t been in an open class room I think people might have mistaken our workout for hot gay sex.  We were able to get stronger as we went on, and finished the class stronger than we started.  During this class I saw Kent punch and kick the hardest since I’ve been here, and I think he actually enjoyed it.

After the workouts I did have dinner here at the ranch, but I also went out to visit a friend.  We went a great little Sushi place in LA.  It’s called Sushi House, and the fish is better than Nobu at a third of the price.  I had a small plate of sashimi, and enjoyed a great night catching up with an old friend.  It was a true test, he had a beer and sake, and a roll that I wanted to try but decided not to, he was sensitive to my situation, and wasn’t trying to get me to eat something I shouldn’t which made it a bit easier. 

As my time here starts to close I am feeling better and better, while a bit of sadness is creeping in because I will be leaving some great people who have played a significant role in changing my life, most of whom I will never see again.  I think the only way I can do their friendship justice is to maintain what they have helped me start.  I am looking to turbo charge my last two days, and I am ready to go home and continue this new found lifestyle.

By for now…


  1. Finding the time for exercise is starting to become a challenge but I’m still motivated. Finding movement easier after watching your videos. Envious of your beach workout.

  2. love the beach workout videos and pics. You guys are looking so strong this week. Hope you keep up the blog after you leave. It is so motivating!

  3. Louis, love your blog! The picture of you guys on the beach looks amazing! You all look sooooo good! Keep us updated. Take care, Lora

  4. Louis, you have the heart of a lion. You keep pushing and pushing. I am very happy to have met you and wish you great success with your continued weight loss and everything else you do. If I can ever be of help to you or if you are ever In my neck of the woods, ease let me know. I got your back! JG

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