Fitness Ridge Day 19 aka Biggest Loser Resort Malibu


6:00 AM I missed the AM stretch to take care of some work back home.  Life is starting to reenter the picture. 

8:00 AM Hike to Upper Piuma Canyon.  On the going out portion, this hike is great.  It reminds me of hiking in Colorado, where you follow ridges that eventually lead out of the tree line, to reveal bald mountain peaks.  It is truly a beautiful hike, once you leave the neighborhoods the trail takes you into the more remote territory than any other hike.  The deeper you travel into the trail the more it feels as if you are entering a simple less complicated time. 


The trail is rocky, with many steep sections which require you to scramble across rock and gravel.   I don’t know how last week Angela ran up this trail, and then ran back down.  She must have incredible coordination and balance because this fat guy moved at a snail’s pace coming back down.  The return portion of the hike is more difficult than the ascent, you have to exercise extreme caution moving downhill making sure that you are stepping on secure ground.


Towards the end of the hike I felt as if my body had taken a serious beating in a kickboxing match.  My ankles were sore, the balls of my feet were on fire, and I almost felt a bit seasick.  I think feeling seasick is the closest thing that I can equate the sensation to, what other feeling to you have temporarily that you just want it to end, and it ends instantaneously when you are standing on solid ground. 

If you ever hike this trail, I would recommend hiking boots for ankle support, and the ability to absorb the beating your feet will take from the sharp edges of the rocks. 

11:15 AM Kickball, I skipped kickball today to ice my ankle and make a couple of phone calls. 

1:00 PM Ass Kicking with Sam.  The second session of our three part group series. 

Warm-up started on the treadmill.  At speed 3.0 we walked on the treadmill raising the incline every minute by 1 level for 15 minutes.  Starting at about minute 10 Sam handed each of us 1 of the following objects, 15 lb medicine ball, 12 lb weight bar, or a rubber balance ball.  We each were handed the aforementioned items for a minute at a time, with the items rotating between the three of us.  At the fifteen minute marker we started our “real warm-up”. 

Our speeds were increased to a sprinting level, while maintaining the 15 incline.  We were told to perform 5 sprints at :30 seconds, 4 sprints at :20 seconds, 3 sprints at :15 seconds, and 2 at :10 seconds.  As the time decreased with each set of sprints the speed was increased.  By the last set of sprints I was sprinting at 6.5 miles per hour, at a 15 incline. 

We then moved into a three part circuit.  Jump up pull ups, the big ass rope, and bosu ball hand walking.  Each station was performed for 1 minute at a time with a :30 break followed by another minute of performance.  At the end of the 2 minutes of work we cycled to the next station.  Once we all got one turn at each station we moved on to the grand finale. 




We finished the session with cart pushers.  A cart pusher is where you get on the treadmill, and use your feet to move the belt while the machine is off.  We performed 5 intervals, each 1 minute with 1 minute breaks between intervals.  During the cart pushers I kept my head down and my eyes closed, I think by the third one I was hallucinating because I started think I had seen "THE LIGHT", when I opened them it's was the lights from the treadmill.


At the end of the workout all three of us were drained.  We spent about 15 minutes after the session trying to get our heads around what we had just been through, I couldn’t believe that I am still finding new gears to use towards the end of Sam’s workout. 

Sam has an innate ability to get the most out of you during a workout.   I’m thankful I have had the opportunity to workout with him, as it has changed my perspective on how hard I can work, and has given a rebirth to my overall resolve.

2:30 PM Ballworks with Katina.  This was the first ballworks class that actually had any challenge to it.  The only problem was that as per usual issues with Katina, she doesn’t explain the maneuvers very well, which leaves people confused.  She’s like a bad kindgerarten teacher, she knows where to go and what to do, but not how to get the children to respond to her and follow her instructions.   

I don’t know if it’s the high levels of testosterone, coupled with the porn like electronic music she played, but I couldn’t help but have dirty thoughts watching her bounce up and down on the ball…yeah…was that out loud…enter uncomfortable silence…how’s the weather…exit respect for this guy…

I will have to admit the exercises I could figure out were effective, I didn’t know the rubber balance bal  could be so useful for core work.

3:30 PM Treading with Ursula.  Treading is the cardio class which starts with 5 minutes of intense work followed by 5 minutes of recovery, followed by 4 minutes of intense work, followed by 4 minutes of recovery, and then works its way down to 1 minute.  At the bottom of the cycles you perform 4 sprints, 1 minute on 1 minute off.

As a direct result of reaching level 100 yesterday on the Arc Trainer & learning through Sam’s workout that I always have more to give, I had it in my mind that I would tread at level 100 today.  The first five minutes of level 100 was tough, I could barely get the machine moving more than 90 strides a minute, at level 30 I was moving the machine 160 strides per minute.  Once I overcame the first five the rest of the class was physically difficult, but my mind would not allow me to waiver.  At the end of the class I could not believe the amount of sweat that I had on my shirt it is the first time in treading that I had soaked through the front and back of my shirt.

4:30 PM Pool Class with Sam.  First workout I’ve had in the pool that was worth any calorie burning.  It was a simple class which involved a combination of running in the pool, treading hands free, and swimming laps the distance of the pool.  It was a good way to finish a long day.

I went out to a see a friend tonight, we met at a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills.  I had 8 pieces of sashimi.  The restaurant was the easy part.  After paying the check and leaving for the drive back to the reservation, I realized I needed gas.  I also felt at this point the type of chills I only get when my blood sugar drops.  All I really wanted was an Orange and a bottle of water. 

I pulled over at a ConocoPhillips gas station, and started pumping gas.  Initially I didn’t want to go into the C-store because it didn’t’ look like they had any healthy selections.  Unfortunatelys I needed to go pee, really bad so I went into the store.  Once in the store I grabbed a bottle of water, and a Sprite Zero.  The soda crackwhore in me couldn’t help it, I really wanted some carbonation, and the taste of something familiar.    

While in the store I started to feel the chills more intensely, I realized at this point I had worked out harder than I thought I had, and my body was desperately needed some type of sustenance.  The only reasonable options in this place were beef jerky, or peanut butter crackers.  I picked the beef jerky at 120 calories not the best in terms of calories but it did have 25 g of protein.  I also made sure to get a bottle of water wash away the sodium. 

It showed me that when I get home I have to be prepared all the time.  The temptations and limitations for the diet are all over the place.  What’s the probability of stopping in a gas station in any part of the US when you have to eat, and not finding anything worth eating,  I bet 7 out of every 10 gas stations only sells crap. 

In closing this long day I am happy to have stayed another week, tomorrows my last day, and I’m looking forward to Zuma Ridge, a return to my second day of trauma at the Biggest Loser Resort.

By for Now…


  1. Lou! Sorry I couldn’t make dinner last night. I definitely get the gas station scenario. My life of constant travel leaves me at the mercy of road-side stops, room service, etc. It’s not easy, but it’s workable. I bring fruit and almonds with me on the road every week, and I also know that sometimes I’ll be faced with choosing imperfect options, so I focus on the best available. I wish there were as many Whole Foods as there are Starbucks, but we’ve got to just work with what we have. As long as you’re consistently making the best choices possible, you’ll be just fine. It just takes some getting use to. Keep kicking ass!

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