Fitness Ridge Day 20 aka Biggest Loser Resort Malibu


6:00 AM I missed the stretch this morning because of work back home. 

8:00 AM Hike to Zuma Ridge.  This was my first opportunity back to Zuma Ridge since the second day of staying at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu.  I have a new name for Zuma Ridge…My Bitch!


We set such a great pace that we talked the hiking guides into letting us hike past the turnaround point and hike up to Buzzards Ranch which is the peak of Zuma Reverse.  When we set out on the hike I had one simple goal, not to take a break.  The first time I went up Zuma Ridge I must have taken at least 15 breaks on the way up, today I did not take as single rest until we reached the summit of Buzzards Ranch.


I was in such a zone this morning that on the hike back down I did not remember how much ground we had covered.  In fact Kent used his GPS to map the length of hike and we traveled 9 miles today.  What a great feeling, and a fantastic way to end the week.  This hike by itself made the additional week here worth the time and effort. 


The best part about the hike was that I was able to keep up with Kent and James for the majority of the trip.  Paula, who earlier this week had a bit of a rough time with an asthma attack, and knee pains, blew this hike out of the water.  She was so fired up, she initiated the downhill jogging.  It was as if we were all feeding off of each other’s energy to power our bodies.  It wasn’t until we reached the trailhead that anyone of us felt any pain or sensations of being tired. 

I needed this type of hike, and sensation.  It will prove to be highly symbolic down the road, it will perhaps be the turning point in my mind where I knew that my all my weight loss efforts were worth their sacrifices, and this hike being the moment that I decided I am no longer a fat guy.

11:15 AM Missed class because we got back a little late from the hike, we did go 9 miles half of it uphill.

12:00 PM Personal Training Session with Sam & James.  This was a nice way to follow the incredible hike we had this morning.

The session started with a miracle mile on the Arc Trainer at level 20.  It took me 15:43 to finish, and James took about 17:35.  I am going to use this Miracle Mile to warm-up before my workouts with my trainer.  It’s an awesome way to warm-up without directly focusing on the time. 

We broke right into a two piece circuit, and then performed each station twice, one after the other.    I started on the pull-up bar, James started on the Big Ass Rope.  The first Jump Ups required one of us to jump up and pull up, then jump down off the Reebok Steps and do a burpy.  Then we jumped up to the Reebok Step and do another pull-up.  Each exercise was performed for 1 minute with :30 breaks and another minute.   The first action on the ropes we used alternating arms to flip the rope up and down.


With the second Jump Ups, we had to Jump Up and pull up, then jump down off the Reebok Steps and then jump back up on the step, and do another jump up-pull up.  With the Big Ass Rope we moved the rope side to side like a snake.  Again each station was performed twice each for a minute with :30 breaks.

The final Jump Ups, we had to Jump Up and pull up five times, then jump down, and do five triceps dips, turnaround and start again with five jump ups.  With the Big Ass Rope we had to use two hands to flip the rope up and down.  Again each station was performed twice each for a minute with :30 breaks.


We finished the session with one person on a treadmill and the other person with  boxing gloves.  1 minute of sprinting on the treadmill, with 1 minute of boxing.  James’s first sprint was a speed of 7 mph, by the last one he had ramped up the speed to 9 mph.  I started at 5 mph, and ended at 7 mph.  We performed 1 minute on with 1 minute off for 4 cycles. 


At the end of the session James and I were charged up.  I quickly realized the adrenaline had kept us going the last half of the workout, when it started to wear off I needed sleep.  I went back to my room after the session and laid in bed.  It’s one of the only times since the first week that I have taken a nap in the middle of the day.  I was so tired that I missed the 2:30 Pool Class.

3:30 PM & 4:30 PM Circuit Training.  In order to get a great last workout, and make up for missing one of the afternoon classes I decided I would do circuit training straight through for two hours.  I was amazed to find that after I was warmed-up I found strength that I thought that I had lost.  I was able to get through all the upper body stations for the weight training portion. 

I also found that I can sprint on the treadmill.  During the 2 minute cardio portions, on each of the treadmill sprints I sprinted at 8 mph for the last :30.  On the very last treadmill sprint I raised the speed to 9 mph.  When I get home I am going to spend more time on a treadmill pushing myself initially with small sprints but am planning on working up to a 5k. 

The last two hours of this day were awesome.  I felt strong, I felt athletic, and best of all I fought through immense foot pain.  The blood blister which I have been nursing for two weeks has developed into a full bubbly blister.   Is it luck or destiny that I was able to get through three weeks of this and not have a real blister until the last day.

As I am packing and preparing to go home I am anxious about my weigh-in tomorrow morning, but I am elated at the notion that I am going home.  I can’t believe how much ground I have covered, and I can’t believe how strong my cardiovascular ability has grown.  I got everything I needed to set me on the right track to losing weight.

There is no special secret taught here, nor is there a magic pill you swallow to get through it all, it’s a self-determined course.  What this place has given me is the ability to get away from my life temporarily to ingrain the habits which I know I should have but hadn’t been  applying for years.  I don’t plan on ever coming back because I need to come.  If I ever come back it will be to reach a new level of physical excellence.

I have met some amazing people who have made impacts in my life above and beyond anything I could have ever anticipated.  This is my last post from the actual resort; I won’t be able to post my official weight after the weigh in until I get back home.  I am traveling all day tomorrow. 

I have to especially thank the following people for playing a key role in my weight loss these past three weeks.  All my peoples in VAN 5 form the first week, Jill, Tara, Tracy, Stephanie, Sherri, Sharon, Lynn, Lora, Kent, my Irish Steam Ship Mary, and Maggie (non Van 5’er).  Dwayne thanks for working hard, and showing me it can continue when you go home, read his blog Dwayne’s Blog.

In the past two weeks I really have to thank Sharon, Kent, James, Edward, Anne, and Angela.    Without you all I would not have made the progress that I have, and you all have been a joy to get to know, and will always have my support.

Finally I have to thank Michael C and Sam.  Michael C. for fixing my Kettle bell Technique, and providing me a different perspective in approaching physical disciplines, yes you are the Zen-Meathead.  Sam , my first day here I asked who the biggest hard ass was, I received a question in response which was if I enjoy ass kicking’s, apparently I do, and would like more!  Thanks for first helping me to recapture that sensation of overcoming physical boundaries, and making me realize that no matter how hard I push, I can always dig a little deeper and push harder.

To my friends and family back home thanks for all of your love and support.

Thanks for all the great comments, and feedback.   Please stay tuned for the official weigh in numbers tomorrow evening, and I will post at least 4 times a week when I return home.

By for now…


  1. Awesome that you made it to Buzzard’s Roost. Steph and I made it within two curves of that point on that notorious Tuesday in Van 5 the day we got “lost”. Never realized that was a 9 mile hike but now I know why we had such a great calorie burn that day. Makes a half marathon seem easily within grasp!
    Keep the blog posts coming. Good luck with re-entry. I have found the food easier than I thought as long as I cook for myself. The restaurants are challenging. Unbelievably, I have stayed away from sugar. Have two boxes of Thin Mints in the freezer and haven’t even been that tempted. Made choc covered strawberries yesterday for a dinner party and was fine limiting myself to two (and barely licked the spoon as I was making them!) This is a huge shift in lifestyle for me!

  2. LOVE this blog…thanks for sharing! I’m going to Fitness Ridge in Utah for 4 weeks soon and although I’m sure there are differences, I’ve enjoyed the insight given. And, of course, you’re halarious which makes for a great read! Can’t wait to hear how you did!

  3. This is such a great blog! Not only are we getting to see the great inner strength you have, we’re watching a strong normal-sized body emerge.
    Right on!

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