Day 21 After Biggest Loesr Malibu


Day 21 After Biggest Loser Malibu Progress, is progress, is progress.

If you didn't read yesterdays post please read it first, here.

My Meals Today.

My official weight this morning:


329 lbs

36.2% body fat

Yesterday morning when I weighed in I was 328 flat, I’m probably holding about a 1 lb of water weight this morning because I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, and overdid the Sweet Gherkins last  night.  Alas for the official weigh in I’m 329.

5 Off of last week, and the first time I’ve been below 333 lbs since 2004.  On the one hand I’m not losing as quickly as I thought I would, and it’s taking far more effort to lose the 5 lbs a week than I anticipated.  At any rate for the last two weeks I’ve lost 5 or more pounds.  In that respect I am making progress.  Since the third week in March I have now lost 43 lbs. 

I have another full week of workouts this week.  Then I’m taking four days off in a row, and will pick back up the following Wednesday.  I can’t hike again this week because I have three appointments on Wednesday, an 8:30 Am with an Endocrinologist, an 11:15 with Chiropractor, and Deep Tissue at 2:00 PM.   It’s also the first day I’m going to take a small group training class which focuses on Core work.  The class starts immediately after my session with Ali.  I’m going to try to get in some cardio early in the morning so I get three workouts in.  I’m also going to attempt this Friday another 3 hour marathon session. 

A small moment of victory today, I was able to go to the “Casual Men’s” store and buy some smaller t-shirts, a couple of Polo’s and pair of shorts.  At my heaviest I was wearing between a 5x and 6x.  Today I purchased clothing in the 3x size.  Holy fucking shit; I’m 2 x’s away from buying clothes at any retail outlet.  For the next 5-6 weeks I may look like either I’m homeless wearing the same things over again, or that my mom and dad just keep giving me my older brothers crap because it’s all too big.  I don’t want to invest too much in the bigger sizes.  3 t-shirts, 2 polos, 1 pair of shorts, and 2 boxer briefs came out to over $250.00.  This could get real expensive real quick.

I am getting so close that I can hear the currents of the River Rubicon.  Like Julius Caesar returning to Rome with his arm, my moment of no return the 300 lb mark is right around the corner.  I am so close I can feel it in every part of my being.  300 lbs would be such a milestone.  The incredible thing is once I get to 300 lbs, that will be the true start of my race.  This is all a warm up for the main event.    

My weekly schedule for workouts:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
  2   3   4   5   6
Monday Morning  Cardio Intervals   Mountain + Treading
    5:00 PM Ali    
    6:00 PM Core     
6:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM Cardio 6:30 PM 6:00 PM Ali
Zap Zap   Zap 7:00 PM Treading


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