Day 26 After Biggest Loser Malibu Workout Supplement


05/07/11 Finding a way back into the gym.

Cardio Log

I am getting better but I am still not quite a 100%.  I don’t know if it was determination or shear fear, but last night I knew I had to get into the gym, I couldn’t let myself get through an entire week without a few good workouts.

My session with Ali started with a below average warm up on the Arc Trainer.  It was the first time I had been in a gym in just over three days, oh to my surprise my WSC replaced one of the old Arc Trainers with a brand new one like the ones at the ranch. 

I spent 1 minute at an incline of 6 and resistance of 30, then moved up to an incline of 10 and resistance level of 40 and spent an additional 4 minutes.  In keeping up with my past work load I spent 10 minutes raising the incline to 20 and the resistance to 80.  With the final 5 minutes of my warm up at peak resistance and incline.     

He started the session with boxing; it was nice to take my aggression out on something other than my toilet.  I apparently had a bit of pent up frustration because I made his mitts pop every time I punched them.  I could feel every part of my core engaging as I punched, which is a bunch of crazy shite, because six weeks ago I couldn’t have told you what the hell the core was let alone feel it. 

After 10 minutes of boxing we moved right into a sustained chest workout.  I don’t know if he had been plotting for a few days, or missed me but the last two sessions Ali has stepped it up a notch.  It just might be that I’m still pretty beat from the infections.  In any case it felt good just pushing myself.


We did a lot of variations of push ups, using the railing that surrounds the stretch area, the one in the video was a push up to where at the very end of it I had to be explosive and push off the railing.  This was super-setted with another push up motion which started at he center of the railing doing a closed grip pushup and then moving laterally to one side doing a wide gripped push up, back to the middle and back out wide again. 

He had me do chest presses on a resistance ball, with 25lb dumbbells, to show him that he was insulting my strength instead of doing the 30 reps he asked me for I went for 100.  We did that exercise 3 times at various points of the workout. 



We also did some core work, doing plank up downs, crunches, and a variation of the crunch were I sat on the Bosu then braced the heavy bag between my legs, and did sit ups.  When I came up for each sit-up I had to either punch the bag, elbow the bag, or reach for the top of the bag.  I think Ali saw how much I was struggling with this exercise because we ended up doing 3 or 4 times.  Each time we did it would seem we were moving onto a new exercise but would end up with that fucking back between my legs. 



He would again intertwine boxing at various points of the workout, and use the free motion machine for chest presses.  All of which was specifically designed to burn my chest, arms and upper body out. 



There were a few more exercises that we did once or twice that he used to mix up the session that I don’t recall, but as a whole I felt I kept my body moving, and getting it stronger. 


After my workout with Ali, I got in a session of treading.  I started with 6 minutes at the top and moved down.  At the end of the treading portion of the workout, I ramped the Arc Trainer back up to the highest levels, and spent an additional five minutes at the top.  When done with this last five minute segment, I went and performed five sprints, 1 minute on 1 minute off, with the incline set to 6, and the resistance set to 40.  By the end of the cardio session, my body was a bit warn out, but I felt good.  The endorphins were popping, and my mind was in a good comfortable place.  I almost felt like a five year old who had found his blanket. 


A good end to a tough week, I plan on working out with Ali tomorrow morning. 

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