Day 27 After Biggest Loser Malibu



This morning when I woke up the first thing I asked myself was the hell did I get myself into?  At 7 AM I wasn’t feeling ready for another workout with Ali, this sentiment is exactly why I am so glad that I DID setup a session with Ali.  Had it just been a an "appointment" with myself to go do some Cardio that may have never happened.

 The gym doesn’t open until 8 AM, my session was scheduled for 8 AM, so the timing left me no time for a good warm up.  As soon as the gym doors opened, I got on a treadmill, and worked for 10 minutes raising the incline by 2 levels every minute, until I got to a 15 incline. 

He had me start today’s session with low kicks.  After about the 5th kick I knew the one part of my body I didn’t want to work on today were my legs.  Of course this meant that Ali would choose today as the today to get a leg workout done.  None of these feelings were spoken on either side but it was in the air, I think he probably was thinking either back or legs, and after how he saw me kicking he figured legs would be better.

I started to tell myself it’s because you’re sick, let’s just get through the session. 

Ali had me use just about every muscle in my leg, from the cardio studio we moved into the main gym doing clean and jerks with just the straight bar, which was quickly followed by a farmers walk with two 75lb dumbbells.  When I put the dumbbells do use the weight of down I was told to do squats but had to catch the heavy bag between my legs, then use my legs to thrust upward and lift the bag to a point where Ali would push it back down.  I did this type of squat for 1 minute then I flipped the bag down the width of the gym, and repeated the bag squats for another minute.  The heavy bag was flipped again down the gym floor. 


He then had me do body weight squats with the TRX for a minute, and side lunges for a minute.   The TRX was followed by dumbbell lunges the length of the Cardio Studio.  We moved quickly from the lunges back out to the gym floor where I repeated the Heavy Bag drills, and the farmers walk. 


At some point of the workout I think we even used the resistence bands to do crab walks, and other leg exertion motions. 

Throughout the session moments of boxing were mixed in as usual, a way to keep my heart rate up, Ali today also saw fit to use the Reebok step as a sweat inducing tool.  Every time I looked like I was having to easy of a time, he would find a way to have me stepping whether it was a quick 1, 2 up and 1, 2 down, or a big 1 step up and jump, landing on the 2, or a combination of 1,2,3,4 and 2,3,4,1.  Each drill was done for a minute at a time, but would place in between other resistance training. 


By the end of the session my legs were exhausted, if I had the time I’m not sure I would have done more cardio.  Based on how the week started, I feel I finished strong and back on track.  My plan for next week has changed; I am planning to workout twice on Monday in A/C and once on Tuesday.  Then do a three part day on Wednesday. 

I'm almost finsihed with Gary Taubes book "Why We Get Fat".  I haven't quite formulated my thoughts, but his book points out many valid points which seemed to be backed up with lots of science.  Losing weight is a complex task, and I am realizing it goes far beyond the notion of Calories in, and Calories out.  If that were the case why is that even on the Biggpest Loser people who are working hard lose weight slower than others, and some even gain weight.



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