11/19/2011 CFT, and Way to Woop Ass Jen

Saturday Morning

I got up early this morning to drive Nancy to the bus station; she was going to New York with a friend, traveling on the Mega Bus.  Her and her friend had no idea where they wanted me to drop them off, so I ended up making two laps around the Union Station traffic circle before I dropped them at the entrance of Union Station.  Being the angry guy that I am, I was  a bit agitated because the roads around Union Station right now is like driving through the capital of a war torn country, there are barriers, and pot holes everywhere. 

I dropped off the dog at Doggy Daycare, which is like taking on another car payment every month, and then headed to Patriot for the 9:30 AM class.  I knew what I was getting into; because Ericka told us the morning before that we would be doing Crossfit Total today. 

Crossfit total involves doing Back Squats, Presses, and Dead lifts, then adding the weight together to come up with a total score. 

The last time I did this I back squatted 265 LBS, pressed 135 lbs, and dead lifted 305 lbs. 

Below you will see video of my first rep at 275 lbs, and my final one with an attempt at 285 lbs. 



Next you will see the first attempt at 135 lbs, and then my final attempt at 145 lbs.



Finally you will see my first rep at 325 lbs, and my last rep at 355 lbs.





When I finished I had a final score of 775, not bad but it was a 70 point improvement from the last time.  I was able to do 10 lbs more on both the back squat and press, and added 50 lbs to my dead lift.  I was feeling good, that was until I saw Ericka and Jen do a final round of dead lifts.

Watching them do their final set of work made me realize I could have pushed harder.  I was both in awe, and then pissed at myself for not trying harder.  I was standing behind Jen and watching her bring the barbell up past the crux was incredible, you could see first each muscle of her posterior chain flexing, then she started to pump her body to get it up, up, up, and to the top. 

It’s an impressive feat to see the human body use every ounce of energy it has stored within itself, to move an object.  She gets the A for effort this morning.  If you didn’t know what was going on it would have almost appear to have been some type of spasm or seizure, yet the level of control exerted to get the bar up was again extraordinary.

I can’t imagine what the expression on her face was like, but it said it all from behind, it made me reflect on my work, and I realized I should have pushed myself more, because I know I had more in me to reach a higher dead lift, and squat.  I’m sure if I had taken another attempt at 285 lbs I would gotten it, the first attempt at 285 lbs I dumped it because my mind was ready, the second attempt I was getting up, up and I then I just gave up.  I should have tried a third time, but I didn’t.

After the Crossfit Total, I grabbed a rower and rowed for about 20 minutes.  I am using the Concept C2 websites’ workout of the day.  Today the short work was a simple 1000 meter row followed by a 3 minute recovery period, with two more cycles of the same. 

In any case I am looking forward to a day of rest, and pushing on into next week.  I am going to do an official weigh in tomorrow, and see where I am, I haven’t weighed myself in a couple of weeks. 


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