01/15/2012 Paleo Challenge Day 9

Monday Morning Weigh In

263 lbs

I don’t often retread a post from the same day, but this one for me was an epiphany that will change how view my nutrition, let me also pre-emp shady wih an “EAT ME” right now.


Day 9 Sunday

Today is one of the first days I had any lapse in energy, to the point at lunch time I was wondering if I could get it together in time for the WoD.  I realize that the idea of sleep, and the constant hammering of 8 hours of sleep while eating a Paleo Diet is a result of the lack of sugar in ones diet. 

I've lived for years on 5 and 6 hours of sleep, which is easy to do when you are living your life one sugar high to the next, couple that with my rampant use of "fat burner" pills which amounted to either ephedrine or caffeine laced nastiness.  I am not a person who likes to nap, because I feel like it's a waste of time during the middle of the day, yet there are just those days when nothing is better than a power nap.

Last night was the first night I went to bed after midnight, and woke up at 6 AM for work.  Getting up I felt like shit from just being tired, I think I spent 30 minutes in bed staring at the clock, and my dog who was anxious to pee.  I eventually got the mojo to get up and move, but my brain wasn't on a high functional level.  In fact when I got to the wash I spent an hour fucking around on facebook, and finding ways to talk shit on the PCF websites which is hard to do when no one posts.

After having lunch, one of my employees asked me if I had been drinking, or if I was tired.  I felt tired but not to the point where I would do something about it, perhaps I was in that pre-vegetative haze that happens with a lack of sleep, or it was just a complete lack of awareness of my body.  I finally made a decision around 3 pm that if I was going to WoD I would have to get some sleep, so I went to my car and took a 30 minute nap. 

That nap was like sex, when I woke up I first felt like I had lost my shorts, then as I woke up felt recharged and ready for a second round, isn't that what supposed to happen?

So note to self when going Paleo and eliminating sugar rushes from your life get enough sleep, because your chemical crutch is no longer available.  Sleep was apparently good for the Neanderthal; it's also good for 33 year olds who just turned 5, yeah one more year I might qualify for kindergarten.


Sundays WoD was 5 sets of 1 doing heavy snatch balances, and a modified version of Annie.  Everything was the same for Annie with the addition of 75 Russian Kettle bell Swings. 

I worked on the snatch balance, with the intent of going heavier than I did last Tuesday but my body was extremely tight from Saturdays WoD.  Air squats don’t seem like much, but doing 150 of them as fast you can apparently leaves your big ass sore.  I spent a good portion of the warm-up stretching my groin, and hips, basically holding a deep squat position.

I was able to do two sets at 145 lbs, 3 sets at 155 lbs, but when I attempted 165 lbs 3 times, I failed each time.  The first time I didn’t get under the bar and did a very slow overhead squat.  My other two attempts were fast, but I just couldn’t stick it at the bottom, and had to dump the bar.

Video from my 155 lbs attempt.


With the Metcon I did all of the 75 kettle bell swings with the 70 lbs kettle bell, I was able to keep them connected.  The first round of jumping rope didn’t go so well, my ass was so tight from the swings that I just couldn’t get a rythmn.  I did all of my jump rope doing the running man, but doing double the reps. 

A significant improvement was made with my sit ups, I was able to all of the sit-ups without assistance.  The last time we did Annie half way through the sit-ups I had to give a slight pull on my shorts to get past the crux of the sit-up, this time I did all of them without a cheat.  I also spent two of the rounds trying to complete more than 30 sit-ups in a minute.  I’m going to try and work until I get to the point of being able to do 35+ sit-ups in a minute. 


I was happy with I performed.  I wish I would have stuck the 165 lbs snatch balance.  I keep saying I’m going to buy Olympic lifting shoes but forget, I need to do that tomorrow because I think it will make a significant difference in increasing my ability to achieve a solid base on the Olympic lifts.

Day Meals Here.

BTW This is for Shady, McShady.






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