01/23/2012 Paleo Challenge Days 15 & 16, Monday Morning Weight In


Official Monday Morning Weigh In

265 lbs



Satruday day 15 of the Paleo Challenge was  a rest day, and apparently it was a good thing, the WoD was a 10 round hero WoD with all the fun stuff like Handstand Push-ups, pull-ups, and double unders, all things I suck at, and deadlifts which I am ok with, there was a part of me that wanted to go to do it because all of the above are areas I know I need to work on, but in an effort to stay true to Shady’s challenge to stay Paleo  and Crossfit’s 3 on 1 off methodology I took the day off.

This month has been tough on my business; this time of year we are printing money, money that we use to sustain operations throughout the entire year.  Unfortunately in 2012 the weather is not cooperating and it feels more like September weather than January.  I’ve been attempting to not stress about the financial situation but when you look at your checking account both business and personal, and all you see are things that make you sad, it's hard not to want to kill.

I’ve found myself trying to just stay busy, focusing on future projects, seraching of better staff and looking to improve how I handle my physical goals for the year, I really want to find a trainer or someone that I can hit mitts with a couple of times a month.  As much as I enjoy Crossfit, I miss longer duration work, or effort.  I have no idea how the body responds to various stimuli; yet the endorphin release that occurs after prolonged exertion is different than what I’m getting now. 

It’s hard to describe but I’m sure it’s akin to runners high, I remember the first time I felt this while climbing my first 14’er as a teenager, and I told myself this is a feeling I want to experience the rest of my life.  Perhaps not having this for so many years is the reason that I fell deeper and deeper into a fat abyss. 

When I was working with Ali a few months back, I would get this feeling when he would crush me with boxing at the end of a workout.  As much as I like finding my dark place, I like reaching this physical climax because that's what it feels like…climax.

I also think hitting the shit out of some gloves would help release some tension, thus reducing the cortisol in my body and helping my fat ass trim down faster. 


When I WoD on Sunday’s I normally go to the even classes because of work, but I woke up to more shitty weather so it was an easy decision to go to the 9 AM session at Patriot.  Low and behold who do I see but none other than Ryan Powell, I heard he was a coach, but to see him in the flesh was an incredulous moment, kind of like being shown the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body (which I will nethier confirm nor deny).

It turns out that this relatively angry guy is a descent coach.   I got there early and he was able to explain to me how to use the damper on the C2 Rower.  In setting the damper you have to treat it like gears on a bicycle, while at the same time taking into account ones height.  Ryan suggested that I should keep it set at 5-6 for longer rows, and 10 for shorter ones.  Much of how the machine functions is based on your ability to keep the flywheel moving, so the idea of efficiency is about using your energy to keep it moving, I think if I imagine myself actually on a boat the idea is to keep the boat gliding across the water as opposed to pull, glide, slow down, then pull, glide a little, slow down. 

The day’s work involved doing snatch balances.  We were instructed to do 5 sets of 3.  I was able to 4 sets of 3 at 145 lbs, and 1 set of 3 at 155 lbs.  This is video of my last snatch balance.


After the Snatch Balances we had to do Helen, but there was a choice of doing a 400 meter row, 400 meter run, or 120 double unders.  I decided I would run because it’s the true to form version of Helen, and because I suck at running, so every time we have a chance to run I should do it. 

Helen involves 3 rounds for time of a 400 meter run, 21 kettlebell swings with a 53 lbs kettlebell and 12 pull-ups.  I was able to finish in 11:55.  My pull-ups need lots of work, as does my running. 

It is hard as shit to run after doing kettlebell swings, especially during the third round, as I turned the corner for the final 50-60 meters I was trying to dig deep to spring it home, and the more I pushed the more my legs felt like they were going in slow motion. 

 Meals Day 15 and 16 

I only kept partial logs on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I got a case of indigestion that wouldn’t go away, in fact I had it when I went to bed.  I woke up 3 times that night to just get up and walk around.  I don’t know if it was the breakfast, or the chili I made, but something had me backed up. 

Sunday I had a snack before the WoD, then a descent size brunch afterwards, and then I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.  For dinner I had my Power Supply meal, without anything extra, and even the Power Supply portion felt large.  Normally the dinners they pack seem like a snack.  I trust myself so little with food, I texted Ryan to ask him if I should intentionally eat to make sure I have enough in terms of calories, he told me not to force the issue so I didn’t.


So my weight has fluctuated in the last week from 266 lbs down to 262 lbs, then this morning 265 lbs.  I know the primary point of this challenge is not weight loss, but I would like to see the numbers move more, when I started I said I would be happy with 10 lbs loss, now my expectations have increased and I would like to get down to the 250’s.  I’m eating strict, and have not cheated once. 

We shall see how things go during week 3.


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