03/05/2012 12.2 Open WoD, Rethinking this Blog

03/05/2012 12.2 Open WoD, and Rethinking this Blog

The open WoD last week was a 10 Minute As Many Reps As Possible of the Snatch.  It was basically a ground to overhead with any form of the snatch, Muscle Snatch, Power Snatch, Squat Snatch, or Split Snatch. 

You can read about the standard, and watch the video by clicking here…

The WoD was a ladder of 30 reps at 3 specific weights, and then as many as possible on the 4th weight.  The reality of the work was that very few people would get past the second set of weights.  CrossFit HQ wanted to make a statement with the first two open WoD’s, in week one they said, the CrossFit programming can be done by anyone, and in week two they said if you want to be really good at  CrossFit you have to not only work really hard but have a strong foundation of the basic Olympic lifts.

I ended up finishing with 34 total reps.  The first 30 were easy, and I thought I would get more snatches at 135 lbs but my technique was flawed, and I was unable to hold the weight.  After doing the WoD I thougth about doing it again, and then decided that I would be better of working on the things which need to be fixed in an environment where I have more time, and no self applied pressure.

Here is video of that ugliness.


I also recorded video of Ricky P, Jon W, an Jay PCF doing the same WoD.  I learned something from watching Ricky P, aka B. Smooth, aka Ricky Suave, aka Pretty Ricky.  He’s smaller than I am, but significantly stronger than I am, and as I watched him do the snatches I realized that I don’t have enough of an aggressive hip drive.  My plan is to go barbell club tonight to work on this hip drive, but we will see how I feel this afternoon. 

Here is video of people who are more masculine than yours truly.





Rethinking this Blog…

I’ve been given a great deal of thought over the last week of what I want this blog to be, it was initially started just for me.  I wanted to document the evolution of my body, and the battle I was waging against myself.  As time as gone on, and the harder my goal is becoming to reach, the more the blog has turned into a major fucking place for me to whine like a little bitch.

As great as it is to have a place to bitch, this negative energy has been like a huge noose around my neck, weighing me down, ultimately I want my blog, to serve as inspiration for other people to find their way, even if their goals are far different than my own.  I don’t want to be some cheesy dick with a big head, and a big mouth who walks on hot coals to make people feel better, but if I could just help motivate people to take t incremental steps that it takes to improve one’s health, than I think my time would be well spent. 

I don’t know how this blog will evolve, or how it will change over the next month if it changes at all, but I do know I don’t want it to become the place where people come to see me cry like I’m 5 years old and someone just took my candy. 

This process has been frustrating, and the more time that passes the more I feel my expectations have to change, or perhaps my goal has to change.  I’m at a weird point now where I don’t want to sacrifice the strength that I’ve gained trough CrossFit to lose the weight that I want to at this point if I went back to a steady state cardio regime I’m sure a big chunk of the weight I lose will be muscle mass.  I am keenly interested in seeing how CrossFit endurance affects my overall weight loss goals, I think it will accelerate the weight loss, and maybe get me on a track that I’ve wanted to be on this entire time.

In any case I will be blogging about CrossFit, and CrossFit endurance, and it’s affect on my weight loss goals.  Tomorrow starts my first week of CFE, let’s see how it works. 

The blog will change at some point, I don’t know when, or how it will change but I think it’s time to change the direction of what I write. 

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