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I’ve wanted to post to my blog for about a week now, and have had many ideas for good blog posts, but life, overtraining, and just a general malaise has caused me to do nothing in regards to my blog.

So here is a collection of random blurbs of some of the things I wanted to write about last week.

From Monday 04/02/2012:

Official Weigh In 249

Weighed myself this morning, and gained 4 lbs…I’m not that stressed, other than the fact that I wish I was closer to 240 lbs, so I could go out and get shit faced one night, then if I do gain 5 lbs from alcohol and anything I put down my gullet that I shouldn’t, then it won’t result in a desire to workout 5 consecutive hours to wrong the damage.  (End psycho talk here…) 

Weight is becoming something I focus on, but not as a primary reason for maintaining this new lifestyle.  My bigger reasons are to climb mountains, the consequence of carrying unnecessary weight while climbing a mountain is an expenditure of energy which can be avoided if I’m leaner and more efficient as an athlete.

I still have in my mind a desire to weigh less than 200 lbs, but it’s not the end all be all goal anymore.  If I am still above 200 lbs with a size 32 pants, and I am freakishly strong in lieu of the lighter body weight I can live with myself. 

From Wednesday 04/04/2012 (Tuesday Recap)


5 Weeks of two-a-days is starting to wear on me.  The WoD this morning was a killer on the lower body, the lunges coupled with bastards was like a one two punch combination to the ass, and hamstrings. 

When I got to CFE, my legs were done, extra crispy fried, blacked out charcoal done.  Which wasn’t a good start, because in the morning before the WoD started Tes saw me, and told me to go home, and that I’d better PR the time trial. 

Tes is a good coach, she’s confident, knowledgeable, and has clearly been an athlete her entire life.  A brief conversation with her this past week revealed she is an overachiever, forget that she's a Notre Dame alum, she has a full time job, coaches at Patriot, Coaches CFE, workouts after CFE, and travels to hold seminars for CrossFit HQ, yeah she's the type of person who schedules lunch so she won't forget to eat. 

She’s is also apparently good with guns, so don’t let her 5’7" frame, with a fantastic CrossFit ass who is prone to break into full body laughter, lull you into thinking she’s docile, I’m pretty sure if we had to go into mortal combat I would lose 8 out of 10 times, (fuck even Labron is prone to missing a couple), she's feminie and tough, so if she says "you better" before anything, take it to heart. 

One time during a Saturday morning WoD, the crowd was rowdy and not listening to her, so we had to do 10 burpees, that shut everyone up really quickly.

Going back to the point of my strange description of Tes, when I showed up to CFE I knew I had to run faster than the previous month or there would be punitive consequences.

After skills and drills, we all lined up for the time trial.  When I started the first four hundred meters, I took off, and was moving at a pace that I knew I couldn’t maintain, but it felt good.  I also think for the first 400 meters I was able to maintain decent CFE running form. 

At the turn around point, is where shit fell apart. 

Going uphill I started to get passed by the other people doing a 1 mile time trial.  My hamstrings felt like knots, and my quads felt like I was pushing through glue.  When I made the turn in front of the bank to finish my first 800, I could feel my legs were in the type of pain where if someone told me to stop I would have just laid down.

On the final 800 meters, my first 400 meter run was slowly turning into a jog.  At the turnaround point my body felt like it was going in slow motion, and I felt like I was running up an escalator that was going down.  Making the final turn I was done, but I was still able to find just enough gas to push as hard as I could the final 40 meters.  It felt like I was running through sand, and I when I finished I was surprised at my time, which was 6:39. 

My first 800 meters had been completed in 3:09, while the second 800 meter was 3:30 that should tell you how differently those two legs of the run felt.  In the end I was able to better my previous 1-mile time trial of 7:09 by 30 seconds; I was psyched that’s progress in one month.  As much as I hate running, I look forward to seeing where I am next month. 

CFE it’s like taking cough medicine, it tastes like shit going down, but you know in the end it’s going to make you feel better.

From Friday 04/06/2012


I went to bed last night having had the worst 2 a day since I started CFE.  While doing the WoD in the morning I felt like shit, and while AMRAP’s are normally in my wheel house, I just didn’t have enough mojo to push, and to be honest I didn’t care. 

At the start of CFE, I was ready to do nothing.  If the intervals had been longer, I’m sure I would have not showed up.  When we did the 400 meter intervals, I was done after the first one.  The final leg of the 3rd interval I jogged it, at least it felt that way.  I started to whine to Tes, hoping that she would tell me it’s okay to just bag it in, but of course that’s probably not in her make up, she’s too tough, so I was stuck with doing all four.  Even with less rest and feeling like ass, minus the 3rd one which was awful, my other three intervals were still faster than the previous months. 

There is clearly something that works well with the CFE methodology, but what I learned last night is more important to the long term evolution of me, I’m starting to understand when I over train. 

I am committed, motivated, and intense during my workouts, when I start to not care, or find ways to less work; it’s clearly a point where I am too fatigued to continue at the same pace.  Perhaps my body has found a way to trick my mind into needed rest.  The hard part will be to understand the difference between mental exhaustion as a result of fatigue, and just laziness. 

I’m going to rest Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  It will be the first time in a couple of months I take more than one day off for the sake of rest, and not because I’m sick. 






  1. 04/02/12 Box Jumps, DB PP, Knee Tucks – got a pop up “This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” WTF? I wanted to see the progress (and hoping it wasn’t a video of you gashing your leg open – if that is the case, glad they blocked it!)

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