05/07/2012 Official Weigh-In, Regionals


As of 05/04/12:

237 lbs

 Three months ago, if I had seen that number on the scale I would have done cartwheels, thrown a party, or perhaps even done something crazy like send Michelle Bachman a check because even a big heaping pile of dog shit needs a small ray of sunlight.

In any case I woke up Friday morning, and decided for shits and giggles to get on the scale, this once daily routine hadn’t been done in about 2 weeks.  When I got on I was fully prepared to still weigh 240-243.  

I was surprised, but to be perfectly honest I got off the scale thinking, oh well, that’s nice, what am I going to eat for breakfast?

I was thinking about how strange that the guy, who once weighed himself daily, was not emotionally attached to the number on the scale.  I still think the scale serves an important tool when someone is trying to move away from being obese, but it’s only part of a bigger picture. 

The only way my weight is going to bother me is if, it effects my ability to get my mile time below 6 minutes, or snatch 155 lbs, or do unassisted pull-ups.  My weight is only a factor in how it relates to my ability to do specific physical tasks.

Yes Rybear, I have changed the lens that I use to view fitness. 

There’s really not much more to say, the goals I have set before me are more important than how much I weigh, a year ago, the weight would have been the only goal that I had, I’m not sure when this transition started, but it’s happened and here I am…


I wish I had some prophetic words to write, but I’m still hungover from the amount of Tequila that I consumed on Saturday, and have only four things to share.

First, watching people I know work their asses off in front of a large crowd of meatheads, was pretty fucking cool.  I have to give out mad love and respect to all the participants at Regionals from PCF.  The workouts which seemed impossible the day after they were posted, did not get the better of anyone from PCF, it just goes to show that competition brings out the best in everyone. 

Patriot CrossFit Team

Second, Officially on May 5th 2012, the sport of Tailgating at CrossFit events has begun; in no small part to…me.  Thanks for everyone who came out, it was fun, and check out the link below, RJP.com filmed, submitted, and was on the games mainsite within an hour.

Tailgate Piece on Games Mainsite, by Ryan Powell.

Third, Erika Moburg-Jones, who is by far my favorite coach at Patriot performed phenomenally well, she made it through five events, and placed 26th in the region.  She is also 4 months pregnant.  Way to kick ass this weekend, and continue to redefine what being a woman in 2012 is all about, as a prophetic t-shirt once quoted “Hot Chicks Lift Heavy”.

You can read the article about her here:

Competing While Pregnant.

Fourth, I want to confess that I have developed a crush on a games competitor, Gretchen Kittleberger.  A former gymnast who is becoming an elite-elite CrossFitter, is very cute, and very strong.  She is also one of the 3 women from the Mid-Atlantic going to “The Games”.


Gretchen's Profile Page

Did I mention she’s really cute, I keep getting this image of a panda, cute until you piss it off, and it rips your fucking face off…is it strange that I want to make out with a panda?  Or that somehow the fact that she snatches 25 more pounds than me is attractive.  I am going to start a GK fan club for the games.

Video of Mid Atlantic Qualified Athletes.


  1. You should have done the gymnastics cert with me. Gretchen was there the entire weekend and demoed for us. I also got to help her on and off the bar 🙂 If only you had been there Lou.

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