08/30/12 No Excuses


No Excuses

One of things I often hear from people is the difficulty they
encounter staying consistent in working out. 

I here this from just about everyone around me, most of the
time I say nothing, but inside the snob in me says, “Really?  Do you think it was easy getting my obese ass
up to work out every day, sometimes five times in a day?  The answer for the uninformed is “NO!”  It was fucking hard to get my ass out of bed
let alone put on the clothes to walk to a gym where I felt like all eyes were
on the human oddity that is a Sumo Wrestler doing shuttle runs, or Medicine
Ball Push Ups. 

Ultimately I’m going to come off as a dick for saying this,
but I have no sympathy for you…In fact I laugh at your comment, and mock you
behind your back like a good asshole should. 
I am never going to be a world class athlete, but I’m going to fucking
work as hard as they do, and stay committed like they do because I don’t want
to be an overweight senior citizen with bad knees and a pot belly that my kids
and grandchildren make fun of, and if I’m not healthy am I really taking care
of the people I love?

Commitment is the key word in this situation. 

It has to become a priority in your life.   Everyone who loves you will help make your
health a priority in their lives, and I assure you they will make the necessary
sacrifices to make sure you’re healthy.   

Missing one workout happens, missing two is a result of the
busy lives we lead, but missing three is the start of a trend that leads to
four, and eventually you haven’t worked out in months. 

Good news for you.

This downward trend is just as easy to break as it is to
create, you miss one, get back on the horse the next day, you miss two, you
realize that just getting your body moving and breaking a sweat is enough to
keep the wolves at bay, just get out and run two 800 meter intervals, or do 100
airsquats and sit ups, when you miss three or more you have to make a very conscious
concrete choice to get back into the gym, even if it’s to get on a recumbent
bike, or a treadmill to just work for 30 minutes. 

Is it ideal?  Fuck
No!  But it’s enough to build the habits
that are necessary to reaffirm your commitment to either become healthy or stay
on track.

I’ve been amazed at some of the women I’ve encountered who
do CrossFit.  In fact the women of PCF
are the reason that my fat self was intrigued by CrossFit, I’m even more at awe
watching a handful of pregnant of women over the last year stay committed. 

Sorry fellas but you have no reason to say you couldn’t make
it to a workout when a woman carrying 15 extra pounds comes into to do burpees
and run.  This morning I was at CrossFit
Takeover in Virginia Beach, and I watched as Liv who has a young baby came to
the WoD with her kid in the stroller to do the WoD.  She crushed it, and after we finished she
took off right away not doing the post WoD mobility because her priority had
shifted from being a healthy woman to a mom.

Think of your workout life like a bank account, every time
you go workout you make a deposit into your long term health and well being,
every time you miss a workout you make a withdrawal.  So here you are not having worked out in
months, you keep telling yourself I’ll get back into the gym next week, which
turns into next month, which eventually leads to exercising becoming an
afterthought, and you’ve overdrawn your health and well being account.

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first bank
account.  You had no concept of money;
all you knew was that the green backs allowed you to buy shit.   

You started to earn money doing chores, or worked part time
jobs, and you made small deposits into your new account, $10 here, $20 there,
then one day you went to check your balance and you had $1000 bucks.

HOLY SHIT!  $1000
bucks could have bought a whole lot of Sega Genesis Games back in the day.

Set your mind to think about working out the same way, today
you have a zero balance in your new health account.  Go workout today, don’t wait, go walk or jog
a mile, do 50 sit ups, 50 pushups, do something to get your body moving, and it’s
like depositing that $20 from your dad for mowing the lawn. 

Make the commitment that you are going to workout three
times in the next week, because you want to start earning the long term equity
in your personal satisfaction and the quality of your life.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel better when
they are consistently working out, the natural triggering of endorphins, the
lowering of your blood pressure, and stress levels are all better than crack…don’t
ask me how I know that, but it’s true.

Get committed today, to bring your health and wellness
account into order.  Every time I travel
I make sure to plan my workouts around the trip I’m on, whether it’s for work
or pleasure I make sure I’m aware of the closeset CrossFit Box, or gym to wherever
I’m staying, in fact I take it a step further and if the location of where I’m staying
has little consequence on my trip, then I make sure to pick a hotel near a
CrossFit Gym.

I know lots of people travel for work, but I know guys in
the gym who travel to places overseas who still find a way to workout, does it
happen every time they go to Dubai, or Saudi Araba…No, because the schedule won’t
allow for it, but these guys 100% of the time make a commitment to get at least
one WoD in as soon as they return.  If
you travel a great deal and don’t have access to a gym here’s a link to a bunch
of travel WoDs. 




Are these WoDs fun?

No, but like medicine sometimes you have to eat shit and
like it. 

Photo(17) a

I’m on Vacation this week in Virginia Beach, and some people
make the choice to not workout while on vacation, there are those times when
your body just needs rest, but that’s something you have to decide for
yourself.  For me, unless I’ve reached
the point of being mentally burnt out, or achieved complete exhaustion, then I
will make sure to workout, as far as my goals are concerned I’m looking to
achiever “Baller” status with my health and wellness bank account.

I’ve done two WoDs three WoDs this week, one at CrossFit
Oceana, one at CrossFit Takeover, and I did my own beach WoD.  Tuesday I just didn’t feel like driving 30
minutes to a box, so I ran 30 100 meter repeats on the beach.  It turns out this was significantly harder than
I thought, so Wednesday morning when I woke up and wasn’t feeling great I decided
to rest.  It’s exactly what I would have done
if I was back home.


Stay committed, listen to your body, and do what it takes to
stay consistent, because no one wants to bankrupt his/her health and well being…

When all else fails, ask yourself “What is it costing you
not to workout?”


  1. Lou, I found your blog by searching for Biggest Loser Resorts and looking for blogs to get an idea of what to expect when I go in a few weeks. I found myself devouring the rest of your posts. You are truly an inspiration – I love your work ethic, your frankness, and the fresh dose of reality you offer. This post in particular rang true to me – I’m printing it out and taking it with me to the Resort as a reminder of why I’m there and why I need to work my butt off (literally and figuratively)! [Also, unrelated, but your dog is awesome and adorable – he looks a lot like my dog, Bleeker, who is a Westie-Poodle mix!] Thanks for being an inspiration! Your transformation has been amazing to watch (especially since I got to see it in just few days). Best wishes and good luck as you continue on your fitness journey!

  2. Hi – I noticed you linked to “the traveling wod” website – that page is down and doesn’t look to be coming back.

    I made a free page to replace it – the Home and Travel Workout Of the Day Generator. You can find it at :


    It will randomly choose from hundreds of home and travel friendly WODs – no equipment needed, and it’s got a built in timing function for Tabata, AMRAP, EMOM, or for time. It’s a free tool, nothing to install or download, and I think your readers may find it useful. It works on any smartphone, tablet, Windows, or Mac – but there’s no app to download or install.

    This Travel WOD generator is free, and will always be free – no ads, no pop-ups, no annoying ask for an email address.


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