10/05/2012 Burpees Over A Year

I've had a case of writers block, worse than a case of crabs from a Shanghai Hooker who reuses condoms because she wants to save money, if not being able to write was the itch that this woman would give some lucky man, I am scratching like a muthafucka.

Needless to say I have at least 30 files of saved word documents that go on for about one two paragraphs then nothing, I reread it get pissed and walk away.

Today I had a great post ready that started out with the idea of something…that lead to nothing…here is a year of burpees…

April 2011 Assisted Burpees


May 2011 Assisted Burpees Not Even Close to Touching the Ground


End of May 2011 Bench Burpees


June 2011 Assisted Burpees with a Bosu Getting Closer to the Ground


September 2011 Burpees


November 2011 Burpees


December 2011 Burpees


January 2012 Burpees


January 2012 End of Month Burpees


October 2012 Burpees


5 responses on “10/05/2012 Burpees Over A Year

  1. Kevin N

    Awesome timeline progression. If you hadn’t recorded the earlier workouts, I wouldn’t have believed that that is where you started. Keep up the good work.
    *You could open your hips a bit more on that last set, just saying.

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